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This little illustration is part of a much larger Project.

If you are interested in looking over my shoulder and finding out about my process then join me over at Patreon. It’s a platform that you can support your local artist with a small donation per month or a one time donation. This will allow you access to my traveling studio as it is now and later when I return to my main studio in Pensacola Florida or to my main studio in Germany. The different amounts of donations get you different levels of access. Some include being notified about engagements or drawings or discounts. So head over and see what I have this month to offer. I am changing it and adding things as I become use to the platform. If you think of something or would like to have something offered then please to leave a comment. I love working with my fans.

Now as well as this wonderful announcement, I have yet another one. I am headed back to Germany and will be appearing at the local malls and of coarse my favorite business, Wool House. For details stay tuned and follow along. I will be holding sever classes there, in Germany as well so please sign up. Details will be listed soon so like I said please follow along.

Until the next update

See you soon