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Closet Therapy

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The Blues

Depression by Name

If you have depression or lived with someone who has it, well it can be horrible.  The lack of understanding of this mental illness can also be as devastating.  This blog entry is an expression through illustration, of depression in my life and in the life of those I live with.   Our Super Hero suffers from depression and is in a fight to win the battle.  super depression leggings

As we join our super here we see that that villain has clouded Super Pigs perception of that little pigs very inner being.  The words of Super Pigs friends surround our hero to shield against the crushing power of that villain, better known as “depression”.  Will our Super Hero win?  YES. Because our Super Hero knows the weakness of that dastardly evil villain.  Depression is a liar.

This Illustration is available in my Society6 store.  I can attest to their professional results in Society6 printing. Recently I ordered some prints and a duvet cover and well…… MIND BLOWING!!  The colors are fantastic.  The quality is unbelievable.  Below are some of the products and links.

Remember to support those who suffer from this illness.  Listen to what they have to say and be a support.  Don’t discount their feels or their struggles.  Look for warning signs.  Read about the  effects, signs and treatments, and what to do to be a helpful and productive support.

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