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Personal Care Days

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde


‘Personal Care Days’ are those days that are set apart for recharging my batteries. These days bring me more creative thought and a clearer idea on how to achieve them. They rid me of the negative emotions that have collected during the week. I feel that anytime negative emotions are collected, it leaves a type of scrape or wound inside. Self-care allows me to address this, looking at possible causes of why it happened, how to avoid them, and/or remove it and repair the damage.

These days are set aside to give strength to the rest of the days of the week, to become more grounded. Lately, I have had to do self-care days on a weekly basis. The stress in my house for the past couple of years has been at a high level, honestly a Code Red. I have found that if I don’t do self-care days, I am left extremely unbalanced. I face the same things as many of you do, including trying to get by my own self in order to just initiate my ‘Personal Care Days’. Life and family commitments are ongoing in my house, sometimes my family intrudes without thought. Before I go into too much detail on my life, here is a list some of what I do to promote a grounding and sense of well-being for myself. Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to expand on them and/or put them into practice for yourself:

  • Try to keep silent all day, a “No Talk Day”
  • A special bath and soak in the tub, using essential oils and soaps
  • A pedicure or manicure
  • Massage
  • Journaling and/or doodling, without expecting an end result
  • Meditation
  • A favorite book (I like a real book rather than an ebook)
  • A day without technology
  • A favorite uplifting movie
  • Try to stay alone


Keeping It Real 

It’s important to really pull at those negative things that have collected over the week, to get rid and replace them with healing, loving those wounds and those parts of your personality that may cause those wounds, gently correcting and acknowledging each and every issue. The reason that I do these days alone, and with no talking, is to really deal with myself without the distraction of others or conversation that may lead away from my purpose. I take this opportunity to try to address all those warts (things I dislike about my personality, that hold me back from being more clear and creative, as well as a better human being).

The Body Is Your Temple 

The body is what holds it all together; it is what carries that beautiful soul. In a way, it is the ship that sails me from one experience to another. You never understand that more until something of a health nature goes very wrong, and that ship is threatened. It’s so important to keep on top of maintenance and care. The more attention I pay to my body and its needs, the more I can hear when it is trying to tell me something, like when it’s overloaded or stressed out, damaged or drained. I can then immediately start to tend to it and repair the issues. This intricate knowledge of my body is developed from the self-care of it and from meditation.


Smells Can Ring Bells

Essential oils can be used on these wonderful days. They can induce a memory or a mood, and increase that sense of well-being. It encourages me to keep working on self. Incense is also a great addition; the burning of sage, Palo Santo wood, etc., just to name a few. Believe me, once you start the practice, you won’t want to stop, and that scent will instantly put your mind and spirit at that healing point quicker every time.


In Closing

I think I could go on and on, but I hope that I have inspired you to push aside the chaos of commitments and distractions and focus on yourself, to recharge your battery for a new creative day.

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Thank you for stopping by,

Edith Schmidt Art

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016

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After The Dust Settles

Christmas is over, and as nice as it was to anticipate the holiday, it is nice to see the backside of it. It can leave your creativity drained as well as other aspects of your life.

Gathering Yourself Up

I really have not prepared any post for today.  My medium series will have to be posted tomorrow.  Today must be reserved for cleaning the studio and getting my breath and focus back.  I think everyone has to take that little bit of time to quite the chatter of everyday life, and do that clean up of  your studio / creative space, and or mind.

So I shall see you tomorrow. Until then,

have a creative day.


Humpty Dumpty  1

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What To Draw

Draw What You Love

I had started to work on this post for Sunday, but life happened, and then a movie, and so on and so on.  Monday came around, and my real life Super Pig needed to have their wisdom teeth removed. I knew that there was a lot of dread for this procedure.  As it is with anyone you love, you would like to spare them the painful issue of life, and this was no exception.  I had packed my pencils and paper, so that I could distract myself during this.  I tried to think what would Super Pig like to be doing right now, instead of having to have their wisdom teeth removed.  The answer was easy.  Iceskating. IMG_3069 The freedom of moving across the ice, with the wind in Super Pig’s snout.   The more I sketched the faster that Super Pig moved across that ice.  The bigger the smile.   Soon there were twirls and pivots, jumps and hurtles.  I wanted more than anything to give that little pig wings to take them away from that painful place they were in.


Draw What Sparks Passion


If roses gives you that passionate spark,  then by all means draw or paint roses. If you long to travel down that country road and see what is beyond that bend in the road, then do landscape.  The passion that you feel will translate into the image.  It will spark that emotion in others.  Joy, sadness, success, the longing for travel, all can be conveyed to others through your art work or photography.  Inspire others.  You never know when someone will be inspired through your art. It will make a difference.  You will effect others.

What Techniques & Supplies Did I Use

I used a 140 cold pressed watercolor paper by Canson and Winsor and Newton professional watercolors.  I used the cold pressed paper for my sketch.  I hate having to redo something.  I risk loosing the original emotion or thought in transferring the image.  That’s not to say that it can’t be done.  It can, with the help of a light box, the transfer can be made quickly and easily.  When mistakes are made and a line needs to be removed I use a needed eraser.  This won’t hurt the paper and does a professional job of removing the unwanted lines.  Be aware that when you erase, it will effect the paper, no matter what you use.  So be sparing in your corrections.  When you go to apply the color after you have scared the paper with erasing you can get a variance,  and that will show in your finished product.

Add Little Details


Add tree lines and small details so that your viewer will relate to the setting.  Remember you want to convey the feeling of every thing that your subject in the painting is experiencing. I washed the paper with water first and then applied a tree line in different varying colors. This was kept simple and light, so that I would not distract from the subject.



Finishing UpIMG_3073

After I have finished the image I take transparent raw umber and out line the subject.

The vary last thing that I will do is use some white ink to sprinkle on the image to give the effect of snow.

That is it for today.  Tomorrow I hope to get back to my working with mediums and give you some more of how they interact with watercolors and what that may do to inspire you in your watercolor adventures.

Materials Use

  • Carson watercolor cold pressed 140 lb paper
  • Winsor and Newton professional watercolors
  • Faber Castell pencil
  • Liquitex Ink Transparent raw umber
  • Liquitex Titanium white

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