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Finding Major Tom


Here is my version of the way my little Super Pig’s book would look like.  The finding of Major Tom.  This was inspired by David Bowie’s death and life.  Super Pig and his friends have heard of the great Major Tom and have decided to embark on the adventure of all times.  To seek out Major Tom.  They have great adventures and perils.  But the all find Major Tom on a deserted moon.  It looks as if he has just fallen asleep.  The three friends kneel down and for a moment time stops, and they remember the gifts Major Tom gave them.  Even the stars and the moon weeps for Major Tom.

You can find these prints available at my store on Society6 or Red Bubble

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Here is 10$screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-12-37-58-pm

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Here is an Idea

Working With Mockups

sewing-with-super-pigI love children books.  I could spend hours in that department.  Just to look at all the brightly colored illustrations, well it just activates something in my creative mind.  The beauty and the beginning of imagination in someone.  That seed.  Its a powerful thing.  To know that you could put an idea or inspiration in a child’s mind.  In an adult mind for that matter.  It puts ideas in my mind.


Here you will notice that I have taken two of my illustrations and put them in a mock up book format.  Just to give that idea, that spark.

So here are a few ideas on how to use my art to write a story or to use my style to illustrate a book.  Enjoy and Contact me if you are in need of art.  Check out my store listing on my about page. I will be talking more about how my art can be used in other creative outlets, such as sewing or paper products. Until next time Au Revoir

Special thanks to Mark at Covervault for the mockups

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Fabric For That Perfect Project

Save an additional 10%

As some of you know I enjoy making patterns and designs and some of my designs have made it to my Spoonflower shop.  The more I sell there the more I up load.  I have been extremely busy with some other endeavors so my poor shop has been a bit over looked so I am trying to show it a bit of love.

Projects that are just too cute

Here are some fantastic projects that I have created using my fabric that I have in my Spoonflower shop.

New Endeavors

I am hoping to do a project a bit later with one of my favorite people, my daughter, who has designed some designed some diapers.  This would be so exciting for me to design some fantastic patterns for her to work with.  She is so talented.  Fingers crossed.

In The Meanwhile

These are some of my favorite patterns all available in my Spoonflower shop

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Finding That Unique Gift


Today through midnight tonight, there is a sale at my Society6 store. Think about giving a unique gift today. Choose from one of my many illustrations or digital compositions. Shown above is my illustration of “Super Pig”.  Super Pig and his friends have all kinds of adventures. In this illustration Super Pig,  and Mango the Cat with Ginny the guinea pig, have gone in search of Major Tom.  You may recognize that name for this was inspired by David Bowie’s song, Major Tom.

There are many more illustrations so please do stop by.  If you have not followed this blog, I’d love for you to introduce yourself.

Until next time have a creative day

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016

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Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

What ever you wish to call that soft voice,  inspiration, creativity, muse, that image that just wandered in.  It is this, this voice of creative flow, that must be obeyed.  For as soon as it enters no one knows how long it will stay, and just as quickly as it came, it can leave.  Where does it go?  It goes to another outlet another artist, so that it can get out.  Nothing personal, just the way that it flows.  Like steam that tries to escape from a boiling pot, so does that creative flow.

How do I hear it?  I spend my free hours preparing for it.  I sketch ideas.  I look at images and imagine and let my mind flow where it wants to.  That is when those creative thoughts come in and start to form.  Soon I am drawing something that can best be explained as a “feeling”that this is right.  My inner creative voice has never asked me to do anything that I was not capable of doing.  My journey in getting it to the finishing point can be filled with  a learning, and different techniques, but it is like a road trip with a best friend.

My Newest Collection

Meet Ming Ming the Yoga practicing cat.  Available here at Society6

You can check out the entire product line here on Society6

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Closet Therapy

Sanctum Sanctorum

Join me over at Society6

Or At RedBubble Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.16.55 PM

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The Blues

Depression by Name

If you have depression or lived with someone who has it, well it can be horrible.  The lack of understanding of this mental illness can also be as devastating.  This blog entry is an expression through illustration, of depression in my life and in the life of those I live with.   Our Super Hero suffers from depression and is in a fight to win the battle.  super depression leggings

As we join our super here we see that that villain has clouded Super Pigs perception of that little pigs very inner being.  The words of Super Pigs friends surround our hero to shield against the crushing power of that villain, better known as “depression”.  Will our Super Hero win?  YES. Because our Super Hero knows the weakness of that dastardly evil villain.  Depression is a liar.

This Illustration is available in my Society6 store.  I can attest to their professional results in Society6 printing. Recently I ordered some prints and a duvet cover and well…… MIND BLOWING!!  The colors are fantastic.  The quality is unbelievable.  Below are some of the products and links.

Remember to support those who suffer from this illness.  Listen to what they have to say and be a support.  Don’t discount their feels or their struggles.  Look for warning signs.  Read about the  effects, signs and treatments, and what to do to be a helpful and productive support.

If you have not already please join me on Instagram, EdithSchmidtArt.  I always post what I am up to.  Until the next time Cheers!  Edie


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A New Year

How do you eat a whole chocolate cake?

One bite at a time.

Several years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started with just making daily intentions.  At that moment, I started to succeed in my goals.  Every day I set my intentions, if it is in movement (exercise) or art, or just cleaning the house.  I find that with these small little changes my cake gets eaten.

Super PIg Yoga and Friends

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The Finding Of Major Tom

How I Deal With Grief

I put my sorrow on the paper in the form of watercolor.  As the image becomes clearer, my grief starts to change.  It seems to leave and pour out in the art.  Better out then in.  I channel all the sorrow, happy, or anger in this way.  Super Pig tells me that even Terri Pritchett wrote from a point of rage as Neil Gaiman said of his friend in an interview with the Guardian.   This past week has been filled with emotions and wrapped with memories and happiness as well.  Being an artist, I have other artist that inspire me and push me to new levels.  David Bowie was one of those individuals.

About “Finding Major Tom”

This image was inspired by the album “Black Star”.  As you can see the alien landscape and the spacesuit have been incorporated in this watercolor.  Super Pig has landed, and is accompanied by his friends, Ginny the Guinea Pig, and Mango the cat.  They are carefully kneeling down, reverent in their observing of the space suit that once held Major Tom.  They know and understand that this being has gone on to a much larger canvas, but they pause to honor the life that touch so many including this artist.

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Ground Control To Super Pig

Missing in Space

I have not been posting my usual.  My world has been rocked to its core.  With the loss of David Bowie and then Allen Rickman, well I have not been quite up to my usual.  I will say that when I finally could catch my breath, and listen to David Bowie’s last album and see it.  Really SEE it, it amazed and comforted me. Truly, he as an artist, would be something to aspire to be.  If you have not seen the Black Star Video, then you must.

Working though the emotions when a hero dies

Super Pig just had to go and look for David among the stars.  And so another adventure begins.

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