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It’s Important To Keep Yourself Up

Putting on a good face

Putting on a good face can be the most important thing I start my day off with.  If it is a cleaning ritual or the practice of make-up, it can help in setting the day, especially if I battling illness or depression or emotional illness.  Just that small investment in myself can make all the difference.  It could be a special bath soap or skin lotion, just the act of application and self love.  The ritual of self care.  Some days it can be all that I have the energy to do.  But during the day, I am reminded by a glance in the mirror or by the smell of my skin that there will be a better day.

Living in the moment, not in the future

Living in the moment gives me the freedom of having a good moment, of just making it through that moment.  When putting a whole future on my shoulders, it can get overwhelming and, sometimes, too much to bear.  I take just that moment to indulge myself.  I use oils and sents that help me remember my goals and objectives.  The Good.

Keeping a record

Journaling , art journaling, keeping a physical record, something to reflect on makes a world of difference.  Some of my writings and drawings, when I reflect on them, give me what I can only describe as relief and encouragement.  Some I can’t believe that they came from me. They improve my image of self.

Touching that positive

For the day, and each and every day,  I touch the positive.  I touch the talisman that relates the purest positive image to me.  What I have intended for that day.

Some of my positive thoughts





Self Accepatance

Self Love

Compassion for others and for myself

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Seeing the Spark

Have you ever taken a look at the road that your on, and despite all of life’s downs, you suddenly see the light at the end.  Not that your circumstances have changed or that you have suddenly won the lottery but your able to put aside the ego, and see, or feel, that positive energy.  Well That is were I am at.  The swirling of negative is still swarming around, but yet in the midst of it all, I have found that branch of positive energy.

It Would Seem So

Through my meditations that I am faithful to do every day, I have found more positive things in my life then negative.  Don’t get me wrong, I have very, very real problems, and they are not solved they are ongoing.  I used to wonder how I would be able to come out of these issues alive and functioning.  I saw my self living under a bridge, homeless, devastated, ruined, at the end.  The most important thing here is to say “I” saw myself there.  Not anyone else.  But “I” saw my self there.  Since we (my family and I ) have been on the journey of surviving an extremely stressful situation that was placed in our lives, I have had to change my life, my thinking, the way I view life.  It has been WORK.  But aren’t  best things in life “worked” for.  For it is then that we know the value of those things.

Seeing your talent evolve

I have the talent of creating art.  I have had it since birth.  I know what I can, and what I can’t produce.  It was while meditating that I saw something happen within my art, and talent that was unbelievable.  It started to become better then I thought I was capable of ever doing.  Now that I am faithful to that inner goddess, that soul, that higher power, and not my emotions, I have seen a future.  A place that I long to be.  A place I belong.

What’s The Point

The “point” is that I want to encourage anyone who is having negative issues in their lives, or just want to improve  their life or talent,  to try this simple act of meditation.


Here is what I do, but if you have an established meditation, or have another idea that is fine.  Do what you feel comfortable with.

  1. Clear a time and space
  2. Grab some arty things, like pens, pencils, watercolor, paper, etc. you get the idea.
  3. True off all phones and computers etc.  If you like music or something to fill the silence then by all means put some on.  I can do mine with or without music.  Sometimes sound helps keep  part of my brain focused.  You know that nasty little part that always distracts.
  4. Make an intention.  Keep is simple. It could be like “bring me more positive energy”. You could focus on a phrase you saw that inspired you in a positive way.  Just keep it simple. Don’t worry you will be inspired as you practice.
  5. Then start to draw.  No need to worry about if it is good or not.  Just practice letting the flow take place, while you meditate on your positive affirmation, your mantra.  If you need some images to inspire you then come prepared with some to just jumpstart your mind.   Your work will change as you practice.

That is basically it.  Just be faithful, and it will be faithful to you.  You know that ole saying you get what you put into it.  Be careful of saying “I don’t have the time” .  You will always have to time for the things you value.

The image that was attached to this post is one of my Tea Bag Meditations.

I hope that this has inspired you to maybe try something different or incorporate some aspect of this into a meditation that you perhaps already do.

Thanks and have a creative day

Edith Schmidt Art.






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Some where in the middle

Finding that livable spot

As an artist I have struggled with emotions for most of my life.  The worst one is fear.  Not fear like, lets say, “end of the world fear”, but fear in failure.  For me as an artist, it’s failure in itself.

Over coming Fear

Let me get this straight I have not over come FEAR, but I have have learned to identify when it starts to overcome me.  Right here I say “starts to”.  I am able to stop it and remove it.  But I really had to pay attention to it.  I had to identify it.  I Had to be able to stop it prior to it taking my emotional state of well being over.  I had to be honest of when and why it was happening and be very mindful of what my thoughts were.

Art as a meditation

I can only speak for myself because each of us is different.  Different experiences, different ways of dealing with it,  different stresses, triggers and issues in life. You get the picture.   But for me, art is a way of mediation.  A way of letting things go, of sitting in my authentic self.   I discover so much about my self, both good, and things that I need to work on.


Here is something that you may be able to do if you like creative things.  I have started working on tea bags.  Yep, used tea bags.  I love the color and the transparency of the paper that the tea comes in. I love tea.  I love the smell, the warmth.  I love tea shops. To me its a place that the world stops and magic happens.  The creative universe starts to talk and influence.

My Steps

I have taken a tea bag that my Benevolent Dictator used for his tea.  I allowed it to dry first.  (you can cheat if you have a heat gun or dehydration unit) I carefully looked at how it was folded and then carefully opened it up.  Some tea bags are attached at the sides so you will have to be careful in opening up the sides, but don’t worry if you tear it or it becomes ragged.  That just adds to the character of the creation.   You will notice that different teas will interact differently with the paper so every image you do will turn out slightly different in color.  Now empty and brush off the dried tea.

For the paints

For the paints I used my watercolors.  You can use anything, including but not limited to,  inks, such as liquitex or Micron pens.  Different paint mediums will all interact differently, so have fun!!!  After all this instruction is just for meditation, but out of that can come beauty and creative flow and works of art.  What I am trying to say here is don’t rush to the end result.  It is the journey that is important, that is the meditation.  Becoming overly concerned with the end is a distraction from the meditation.  Let the flow come with out thinking too heavily on the outcome.  The end doesn’t matter.


We are all creatures that loves reward.  Will you get a reward after doing one exercise of meditation?  I have no idea.  Here is what I have found.  I have found that I am more centered.  That I can feel when fear or other harmful emotions start to take over.  I can react to them and stop them.  I am more focused and feel better after doing it.  With each time that I do it I get BETTER.  I have a busy schedule.  I always have.  My schedule like my life has changed over the years, but I can say that no matter what I have in my life, I will honor my meditation above all other things.


FullSizeRender 5
This is an image of my Benevolent Dictator off to fight dragons.  The day was wet and cold. It is a snapshot of a moment in time.  A reminder that all things are just that.  



This image is available at my Etsy store for purchase. Edith Schmidt ART 


Thank you for allowing my into you life and hopefully I have giving some inspiration and positive energy to you.  Have a creative and centered day.