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What Pink Bows Mean To Me

October and Breast Cancer Awareness

Ah, the month that everything turns pink. Drill bits, chicken buckets, tampons, kitchenaid, any product that pulls on your heart-strings. Women smiling with pink shirts.  All neatly packaged and marked, and nothing that would shock or give you the real picture of what breast cancer is really like. “After all, we have grandmothers who will see,” is what I was told. Well, mine fucking died from it. I saw her radiation burns every day. So, I say let’s pull back the curtain on the battle scars, the Frankenstein operations, and reconstructions; how it feels like razor wire with every breath you take after you’re sent home from the operation with drainage tubes, staples now closing a 6 to 7 inch incision (or if you opted for a double, then a total of 14 inches). The daily fight going through chemo, the shots to increase your white blood cell count (often worse than the chemo), the radiation, the hormone suppression. Let’s talk about the numbness under your arm or arms… Better practice your mobility; better pray; better hope that that son of bitch didn’t migrate to any other place in your body, brain, lungs…. Sleep well.  If you’re not on anti-anxiety meds, you will be now. By the way, one bag of the anti-nausea medication that accompanies chemo costs $6,000, one prescription of anti-nausea cost $165.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Cover It Up

Because no matter how barbaric the treatments are, you are thankful to whatever higher power there is that you kicked the shit out of cancer. You cut it out, you burned it out, you radiated it out. You fought a war, and you have the scars to prove it it. The monuments on your body, and those scars, are to be held in reverence and never to be covered up or to be ashamed of. If I had it my way, all walks would be done topless, all photos topless. That… is awareness. That give the awairness to others. It drives that message home on a whole new level.

Hair loss… that is the least of your worries, or should be. Wear that bald head proud. NEVER COVER IT UP. I hate to see a women cover her head. Let others see it, and when someone stares, ask them what the fuck they’re looking at! I guarantee they won’t do a damn thing. By the way, you can order a cap that will prevent your hair loss.  But you know, why make cancer invisible. But perhaps your hair is your identity, like perhaps your boobs are. No judgment here.

Just Remember to Honor Yourself and Others

If you have cancer, or know someone who does, please do the research on how to communicate with them. Don’t keep asking, “How do you feel, how is your treatment going?” Really people how the hell do you think its going.  Make them a meal, Take them out, sit with them, rent a movie with them, share your life with them.  MAKE AN EFFORT TO INTERACT IN THEIR LIFE.  Don’t just sit back on the side lines and say I’m glad it’s not me cause people it can be one day.  This is the fight against cancer.  This is how you make a difference each and every day.  In this way you honor yourself and others.

In closing

Just remember bald is not shameful, flat is beautiful, scars are also beautiful and can remind us of where we have been and where we are going.  They are the monuments of battles fought.  Live life one second at a time. And learn to live life in joy no matter how hard.

I love you all

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Seeing the Spark

Have you ever taken a look at the road that your on, and despite all of life’s downs, you suddenly see the light at the end.  Not that your circumstances have changed or that you have suddenly won the lottery but your able to put aside the ego, and see, or feel, that positive energy.  Well That is were I am at.  The swirling of negative is still swarming around, but yet in the midst of it all, I have found that branch of positive energy.

It Would Seem So

Through my meditations that I am faithful to do every day, I have found more positive things in my life then negative.  Don’t get me wrong, I have very, very real problems, and they are not solved they are ongoing.  I used to wonder how I would be able to come out of these issues alive and functioning.  I saw my self living under a bridge, homeless, devastated, ruined, at the end.  The most important thing here is to say “I” saw myself there.  Not anyone else.  But “I” saw my self there.  Since we (my family and I ) have been on the journey of surviving an extremely stressful situation that was placed in our lives, I have had to change my life, my thinking, the way I view life.  It has been WORK.  But aren’t  best things in life “worked” for.  For it is then that we know the value of those things.

Seeing your talent evolve

I have the talent of creating art.  I have had it since birth.  I know what I can, and what I can’t produce.  It was while meditating that I saw something happen within my art, and talent that was unbelievable.  It started to become better then I thought I was capable of ever doing.  Now that I am faithful to that inner goddess, that soul, that higher power, and not my emotions, I have seen a future.  A place that I long to be.  A place I belong.

What’s The Point

The “point” is that I want to encourage anyone who is having negative issues in their lives, or just want to improve  their life or talent,  to try this simple act of meditation.


Here is what I do, but if you have an established meditation, or have another idea that is fine.  Do what you feel comfortable with.

  1. Clear a time and space
  2. Grab some arty things, like pens, pencils, watercolor, paper, etc. you get the idea.
  3. True off all phones and computers etc.  If you like music or something to fill the silence then by all means put some on.  I can do mine with or without music.  Sometimes sound helps keep  part of my brain focused.  You know that nasty little part that always distracts.
  4. Make an intention.  Keep is simple. It could be like “bring me more positive energy”. You could focus on a phrase you saw that inspired you in a positive way.  Just keep it simple. Don’t worry you will be inspired as you practice.
  5. Then start to draw.  No need to worry about if it is good or not.  Just practice letting the flow take place, while you meditate on your positive affirmation, your mantra.  If you need some images to inspire you then come prepared with some to just jumpstart your mind.   Your work will change as you practice.

That is basically it.  Just be faithful, and it will be faithful to you.  You know that ole saying you get what you put into it.  Be careful of saying “I don’t have the time” .  You will always have to time for the things you value.

The image that was attached to this post is one of my Tea Bag Meditations.

I hope that this has inspired you to maybe try something different or incorporate some aspect of this into a meditation that you perhaps already do.

Thanks and have a creative day

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Patterns are everywhere!

Everywhere I look I see patterns.  In  linens, clothing, wallpaper, tiles, rugs, anything that could remotely display a repeated design.   I started loving pattern work when I was quilting.  The patterns were always lively,  and of every consiviable element.  Zebras, teapots, kittens, anything and everything.  As an artist you can’t help but want to roll up your sleeves, and dive right in, and create a few of your own.

Old School Way

I work in illustrator when I want to do repeats.  I simply put in my element or elements, and with a few twist and turns, bam!! There it is, 1/2″ or 1/4″ drop, repeating every 3rd, 4th or 5th time.  What ever I need to accomplish my vision, I am able to do so with a few short moves to get the desired pattern.  But, what if you wanted to do it without a computer, or without a program. Perhaps you wanted to get to the bare bones of the pattern and draw it out your self.  Well here is a simple way to get a straight across repeat.

Let’s Start

Start with a square piece paper.  I used 140 cold pressed paper.  It holds the shape when I used my watercolors on it.  Meaning the paper will not buckle when it gets wet. Or at least not too much.  I cut mine 8″ x 8″.

The center will hold the design.  That element will be carried straight across the paper (remember I said this was a straight across repeat) I make it just off center.  Keep in mind that this element will appear across your finished pattern.  I want to “kind of” make it visible but “invisible” because once you start seeing patterns, the repeat  will become very evident.


I make the pattern as busy as I can, filling in all the free space. It looks like I have “tossed” down the elements.

Then I cut my 8″x8″ square  in half (Equal Parts) and place the two outer sides together. I use artist tape.  This is a tape that has a reduced tack, and can be easily removed without ripping or damaging the back of the paper.  Then I fill that newly created space in with art work.   Now you can see what I meant when I said a straight across repeat.  See how the design will move straight across?

Then I cut the two halves  in half and turn the top and bottom sides in to the middle. Taping it together so that my work will be lined up and easy to apply the design and watercolor.  I did not include an image of that step (sorry) I had created this design earlier this year and had gotten swept up in the creation that I forgot to take a photo.

You should now have 4 squares, this is your seed for your straight across repeat.  All of the  outer sides of the original square when placed together should match up, and create a seamless repeated pattern running straight across. img_2505 This example was created for my fall collection earlier this year, for fabric.

Here is another example for you.  I worked the following up in photo shop.

Shown here is “Autumn Leaves” on Eco Canvas.  A fantastic silky feel, tough enough for a dog bed but soft enough for a table setting.   I ordered some myself and stitched up some table settings for a friend.

Edith Schmidt Art on Spoonflower

There you have it.  A seamless repeated pattern. My favorite pattern is a 1/4″ drop repeating every 3 times.  It breaks up the straight across look.  Perhaps you would like to know more about patterns and how to design them.  If so just connect with me here, I will be talking about them in the future.  In the mean while thank you for joining me here and reading along.  See you tomorrow!


Have a creative day


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Appearance of Texture

Using watercolor for texture.

Where to begin.  A LOT of what I do is intuitive.   I would say an important point would be to know your watercolors and brushes and what they do.  Play around with them.  Some paints, like rose madder, have a grainy look to them when applied, so if you have not created a watercolor mixing chart then you may want to play around with one just to see how the paints interact with each other and the paper.  Time consuming they are but worth it in the end.  (Sounds like another blog post to me.  Be sure and request it and I’ll be attentive to post it)  If you are unsure about your colors, then pick the colors that you will use in your image,  and do a small color mixing chart based on your image and color choice.

The first step to this layering process, and that is indeed what it is, layering,  is to sketch out what your subject is.  I am currently working on character development of another pig for my Super Pig series so I will be using Ollie the wonderful pig, for this example.

I use two glasses of clean water, one for washing and one for rinsing.

My paint selection today will be Windsor and Newton

  • Cadmium Red
  • Raw Umber
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Umber
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Ivory Black
  • Sap Green
  • Naples Yellow

Other Supplies

  • Brush
  • Nib
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • Canson 140 lb watercolor paper cold pressed


Everyone has their favorite brushes to work with.  I recently purchased this floral brush size 6, and I love the point on it and the angle.  I find that it makes great uneven strokes when held on the angles and moved across the paper with irregular movements.

The smaller brush is just used to add water to the image in a controlled area.

The pen, with a fine tip, is used to out line and create hairs.

Liquitex ink

  • Titanium White
  • Transparent Umber

After sketching the image I apply a base color.   Naples yellow.

IMG_3269Babby Hats
Stage One

This is applied to the areas that the skin shows through.  Then I start to layer on top of that.  My second color is the Cadmium Red, that is applied on top of the naples yellow.  I am careful to think of lighting as the shadows or contours of the pig will be slightly darker.  I am also thoughtful in how much water and pigment I add.  I can always add more as I go along.

IMG_3273Babby Hats
Stage two

Even now I can start to see the textures.  I let the paint create the shadows etc.  Those that I like, I add and continue to  encourage.  If there is a shadow that seems out of place, a bit of clean water and a soft scrub with the brush , dab of a paper towel will remedy it.



I continue working in this manner adding little layers over the  contours of the subject. Seeing shadows develop and working with them.

IMG_3275Babby Hats
Stage Three

This little rooter, has been in something green.  Grass perhaps?  Who knows.








Keep working

Don’t stop now.  Next comes the darker pigments.  This will help get more couture and texture in the image. I am sure that you will develop your own style and sometimes the best strokes are happy accidents.  So just keep at it and work with it.  Remember that when it dries there will be irregularities when you add more paint.  If you need a smooth transition keep it wet.  Here are the next few steps all together so that you can see.

Be careful not to over work.  Its easy to do.  At this point I start to out line and tidy up.  I wait until the image is dry, to prevent feathering of the ink.  I do sometimes use a heat gun and hold it back from the image.  Holding it too close will cause your paper to warp and buckle.  Using a 140 lb weight paper will help in the reduction of buckling.

This is the finished product.  Ollie.  I say that loosely, because I can sometimes catch something that needs to be worked in etc.

IMG_3284Babby Hats
Olli the Wonderful Pig


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there you have it.  No mediums used, just watercolor.  Layering can be a wonderful way to create shadows and texture.  Study your subject.  Fall in love with it.  Appreciate different aspects of it that make is special, then use those aspects when your painting.

As always have a wonderful and creative day.




Art supplies have been purchased from Dick Blick and local art supply stores.