Some where in the middle

Finding that livable spot As an artist I have struggled with emotions for most of my life.  The worst one is fear.  Not fear like, lets say, “end of the world fear”, but fear in failure.  For me as an artist, it’s failure in itself. Over coming Fear Let me get this straight I have not over come…

A New Year

How do you eat a whole chocolate cake? One bite at a time. Several years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started with just making daily intentions.  At that moment, I started to succeed in my goals.  Every day I set my intentions, if it is in movement (exercise) or art, or just…

After The Dust Settles

Today must be reserved for cleaning the studio and getting my breath and focus back. I think everyone has to take that little bit of time to quite the chatter of everyday life, and do that clean up of your studio / creative space, and or mind.

Making The Most

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days where your intention is to have mountains moved, roads paved, and fields plowed, and just the opposite happens.