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Some where in the middle

Finding that livable spot

As an artist I have struggled with emotions for most of my life.  The worst one is fear.  Not fear like, lets say, “end of the world fear”, but fear in failure.  For me as an artist, it’s failure in itself.

Over coming Fear

Let me get this straight I have not over come FEAR, but I have have learned to identify when it starts to overcome me.  Right here I say “starts to”.  I am able to stop it and remove it.  But I really had to pay attention to it.  I had to identify it.  I Had to be able to stop it prior to it taking my emotional state of well being over.  I had to be honest of when and why it was happening and be very mindful of what my thoughts were.

Art as a meditation

I can only speak for myself because each of us is different.  Different experiences, different ways of dealing with it,  different stresses, triggers and issues in life. You get the picture.   But for me, art is a way of mediation.  A way of letting things go, of sitting in my authentic self.   I discover so much about my self, both good, and things that I need to work on.


Here is something that you may be able to do if you like creative things.  I have started working on tea bags.  Yep, used tea bags.  I love the color and the transparency of the paper that the tea comes in. I love tea.  I love the smell, the warmth.  I love tea shops. To me its a place that the world stops and magic happens.  The creative universe starts to talk and influence.

My Steps

I have taken a tea bag that my Benevolent Dictator used for his tea.  I allowed it to dry first.  (you can cheat if you have a heat gun or dehydration unit) I carefully looked at how it was folded and then carefully opened it up.  Some tea bags are attached at the sides so you will have to be careful in opening up the sides, but don’t worry if you tear it or it becomes ragged.  That just adds to the character of the creation.   You will notice that different teas will interact differently with the paper so every image you do will turn out slightly different in color.  Now empty and brush off the dried tea.

For the paints

For the paints I used my watercolors.  You can use anything, including but not limited to,  inks, such as liquitex or Micron pens.  Different paint mediums will all interact differently, so have fun!!!  After all this instruction is just for meditation, but out of that can come beauty and creative flow and works of art.  What I am trying to say here is don’t rush to the end result.  It is the journey that is important, that is the meditation.  Becoming overly concerned with the end is a distraction from the meditation.  Let the flow come with out thinking too heavily on the outcome.  The end doesn’t matter.


We are all creatures that loves reward.  Will you get a reward after doing one exercise of meditation?  I have no idea.  Here is what I have found.  I have found that I am more centered.  That I can feel when fear or other harmful emotions start to take over.  I can react to them and stop them.  I am more focused and feel better after doing it.  With each time that I do it I get BETTER.  I have a busy schedule.  I always have.  My schedule like my life has changed over the years, but I can say that no matter what I have in my life, I will honor my meditation above all other things.


FullSizeRender 5
This is an image of my Benevolent Dictator off to fight dragons.  The day was wet and cold. It is a snapshot of a moment in time.  A reminder that all things are just that.  



This image is available at my Etsy store for purchase. Edith Schmidt ART 


Thank you for allowing my into you life and hopefully I have giving some inspiration and positive energy to you.  Have a creative and centered day.

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A New Year

How do you eat a whole chocolate cake?

One bite at a time.

Several years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started with just making daily intentions.  At that moment, I started to succeed in my goals.  Every day I set my intentions, if it is in movement (exercise) or art, or just cleaning the house.  I find that with these small little changes my cake gets eaten.

Super PIg Yoga and Friends

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After The Dust Settles

Christmas is over, and as nice as it was to anticipate the holiday, it is nice to see the backside of it. It can leave your creativity drained as well as other aspects of your life.

Gathering Yourself Up

I really have not prepared any post for today.  My medium series will have to be posted tomorrow.  Today must be reserved for cleaning the studio and getting my breath and focus back.  I think everyone has to take that little bit of time to quite the chatter of everyday life, and do that clean up of  your studio / creative space, and or mind.

So I shall see you tomorrow. Until then,

have a creative day.


Humpty Dumpty  1

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Making The Most

Of what seems like an unproductive day.

Have you ever had one of those days?  One of those days where your intention is to have mountains moved, roads paved, and fields plowed, and just the opposite happens.  That was my day today.  I woke up with a massive migraine, so I was late  getting up, and into my studio.  Once I did manage to get inside the door, I could not get my thoughts together to formulate an image.  Yesterday I was on fire, and today…… nothing….. When days like that happen its best to just embrace it, and do what ever you can in the studio.  If its not painting then it might be straightening up, it may be preparing some paper for the next day, or just doodling to loosen up and start that creative flow.  What ever you do, don’t fight it.  That will only compound the situation and frustrate you.

I decided to post some of my images on my Society6 store.  I am glad I did. I am glad that today turned out different.  It gave me an opportunity to see my images on products and come up with more ideas to incorporate more images in with them.

If you come up with one of these days that somehow things don’t go according to plan, perhaps they really are  according to what you may need that day.

Grab A Cuppa And Regroup

Some times that is exactly what you need, a cup of tea.   Just push back from that

Mango in a tea cup .jpeg
Water color by Edith Schmidt Art

desk or easel, and get a new view.  I have often said that my studio is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE, and that includes me.  Don’t beat yourself up, just set some alternate goals.  I keep a stack of goals ( things that I can do on these days) So when I get in a funk , I switch gears.  I am still productive and I don’t beat myself up for not getting that blog post done, or for not painting another illustration.



So Here Is What I Did Do

Head on over to Society6 and visit my store if you want to follow and see what is going on.   But just incase you don’t want to press those links here are some cool things.  You can click on those images if you like.  Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.58.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.59.19 PM.png

For more listing visit Society6 Edith Schmidt Art