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Fabric For That Perfect Project

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As some of you know I enjoy making patterns and designs and some of my designs have made it to my Spoonflower shop.  The more I sell there the more I up load.  I have been extremely busy with some other endeavors so my poor shop has been a bit over looked so I am trying to show it a bit of love.

Projects that are just too cute

Here are some fantastic projects that I have created using my fabric that I have in my Spoonflower shop.

New Endeavors

I am hoping to do a project a bit later with one of my favorite people, my daughter, who has designed some designed some diapers.  This would be so exciting for me to design some fantastic patterns for her to work with.  She is so talented.  Fingers crossed.

In The Meanwhile

These are some of my favorite patterns all available in my Spoonflower shop

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The Finding Of Major Tom

How I Deal With Grief

I put my sorrow on the paper in the form of watercolor.  As the image becomes clearer, my grief starts to change.  It seems to leave and pour out in the art.  Better out then in.  I channel all the sorrow, happy, or anger in this way.  Super Pig tells me that even Terri Pritchett wrote from a point of rage as Neil Gaiman said of his friend in an interview with the Guardian.   This past week has been filled with emotions and wrapped with memories and happiness as well.  Being an artist, I have other artist that inspire me and push me to new levels.  David Bowie was one of those individuals.

About “Finding Major Tom”

This image was inspired by the album “Black Star”.  As you can see the alien landscape and the spacesuit have been incorporated in this watercolor.  Super Pig has landed, and is accompanied by his friends, Ginny the Guinea Pig, and Mango the cat.  They are carefully kneeling down, reverent in their observing of the space suit that once held Major Tom.  They know and understand that this being has gone on to a much larger canvas, but they pause to honor the life that touch so many including this artist.

Available NowOn Society6



Available on RedBubble 


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Ground Control To Super Pig

Missing in Space

I have not been posting my usual.  My world has been rocked to its core.  With the loss of David Bowie and then Allen Rickman, well I have not been quite up to my usual.  I will say that when I finally could catch my breath, and listen to David Bowie’s last album and see it.  Really SEE it, it amazed and comforted me. Truly, he as an artist, would be something to aspire to be.  If you have not seen the Black Star Video, then you must.

Working though the emotions when a hero dies

Super Pig just had to go and look for David among the stars.  And so another adventure begins.

Society6 Edith Schmidt Art

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Head in the Stars

Second Star To The Right

And straight on till morning.  I love stories from childhood.  In fact I read, and look for them often.  I love to dream of magical things, people, and adventures. My dreams and fertile imagination, is why I enjoyed this patter so much when I was creating it.   I got involved in a contest  for “phases of the moon”, over at Spoonflower.  Usually I don’t enter in that type of contest, but this struck a cord in me.  It started those creative juices flowing. All of a sudden  Sleeping moons, Crying new moons, who’s tears were stars, started evolving in my head. Even looking at this pattern now I get ideas for different components to add to the collection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.04.07 AM
Phases of the Moon Collection by Edith Schmidt Art. Watercolor images of stars and moons. Available at Spoonflower 

Like a little space ship that super pig travels in, to visit with the moons and stars.  Some elements, like stripes to match, and add as contrasting fabric for little sleepers or hats.

I think its import to encourage children and adults  to dream, and dream big.  To have imagination.  After all, some of our most wonderful inventions have derived from that ability to dream.   My studio reflects this.  Moons have faces and stars have smiles. There is joy and excitement, exploration and adventure, tolerance and love.

My latest little hat

This is my favorite, favorite, pattern.  When I was little I had a simple red and white P.J. It was a white back ground with red stars.  That’s it, simple!  But from that simple pattern, coupled with the French movie  Le Voyage dans la Lune,  and presto….. my design.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it will inspire you to go and draw, doodle, watercolor or sew.  What ever your passion is look for those things and people that inspire.

Pattern source

I used the Vogue Craft Pattern #9232.

Thank you and have a creative and inspirational day.



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Starry Night


Long ago I saw a  silent film by George Méliès, created in 1902.  Though his work, he inspired the writings of  Jules Verne’s , “From the Earth to the Moon” and “Around the Moon”.  This silent film inspired my collection called:

Phases of the Moon


Moons and planets have always fascinated me.  Put lips and eyes into the mix and suddenly they have personality.

Moon observer

Fabric Designs

Phases of the moon

I recently created this fabric design for my Spoonflower store.  I was so excited about it I ordered it straight away in their jersey fabric.  I was not disappointed with it at all.  I chose a midnight blue background because it just made the colors pop. By the way it’s also  available in wrapping paper and wall paper too. Just follow the link or click on the image above to see this pattern.

FullSizeRender 2

More Stores and Stars

If you are not much into sewing and would like something already created and sewn up, and ready to go, then check out some of my other stores.


Phases of the Moon Throw Blanket
Phases of the Moon Throw Blanket by Jeweledfrog
Browse more Moon Throw Blankets at Zazzle