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Catalog 2018

ELSART 2081 Catalog 2018

Just click here Catalog 2018

If you are interested in ordering a downloadable catalog just contact me with your company’s name and your contact information  and we will be glad to send you one. All images are ©™


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New York

img_0601-1Here I Come

Its been several years now since I have been to the Surtex show but this year I am heading there on May 20-22.  On a whim (by whim I mean I do this every year about the same time)  I pulled up the Surtex show website and puroused the details outlining the commitments, dates and times, money etc.  But this time was different.  I submitted my website for approval to attend. I took action. What the hell right?  The next morning I got a call saying that they had been looking over my website and that they felt that I would be a good match with some of the buyers that would be there this year.  Well what could I say to that? NO? All I could do was listen again to the message.  Then I turned to the Benevolent Dictator and said wow they called me.  Before I knew it he had booked a booth (Booth #2551). Gotten me a nice package for the show and an advertisement in their magazine.  Plane tickets were bought and hotel reserved.  Now something that was a dream, is becoming a reality.

AdobeStock_104307225@0,75xRaising Money

The thought of raising money is always daunting and a bit scary.  But I put on my big girl panties and went on the task of making it happen.  I want to stop right here and say a big thank you to all of those who reached in to their own pockets and contributed to my studio.  I am humbled and extremely grateful.  This year thanks to my patrons, I will have my hotel, shuttle, signs, TM and Copyrights, all taken care of.  This is huge and I am so thankful.

 I am offering a raffle.

Each virtual ticket cost 25$.  At the end of the raffle on Tuesday a random winner will be chosen.  The image will be mailed off on my return from New York.   The image  I have chosen is “Enlightenment”  She is one that will be featured in the show.  The image is 12″ x 12″ and is a digital work of art.  You will receive the image framed.  This is a retail value of 46$. Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.52.55 PM

Raffel Enlightenment

For the purchase of one (one who am I kidding you can purchase more than one) 25$ ticket you will be entered in a raffle to win this 12×12 image. Created by Edith Schmidt Art LLC. The image was created digital and will be featured in New York at the Surtex licensing Show May 20-22- 2018. Your donations will help my studio make a great showing. The money will be used to purchase lunch or coffee or any supply needed when we go. I thank you in advance for you donations.


All That Is left

I guess all that is left is to get my social media accounts all generating my adventure in to licensing. So if you have not followed me here are a few that are a must.

  1. SnapChat. I will be snapping a great deal while Im there and no telling what you will see. You can follow me from setup to takedown. Username “jeweledfrog” Unknown.png
  2. Next is Instagram.  you can follow me here Edith Schmidt Art This will also be a must for followers.  Details will be given and photos posted.  There will be different perspectives on these platforms so be sure to follow.
  3. Facebook Edith Schmidt Art  as always my page in FB will be open for you to join and keep up with postings on illustrations and how you can connect.


Yes my catalog is here.  I have been holding off on putting it up until I got word back from my atty on the copyright and TM.  Since all is cleared I will be creating a page where the 2018 will reside. This page will also be updated with new illustrations for 2019 so it will be easy for those who are interested in licensing new illustrations and pattern designs in the upcoming year. This is a password protected catalog.

Well folks that’s all.  Thank you Thank you.  All of you.

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Little Monster

I hope all of you have had a wonderful fall start! Fall is always my favorite time of year. The weather gets crisp and the leaves change. The environment takes on a new appearance with color, texture, and feel. With fall, Halloween comes, and that is truly my time of year. The bright colors of purple and orange, green and yellow! All of this inspires all sorts of projects.

This year I decided to do some little monsters. I drew several of the little cuties and then created some simple backgrounds to combine with them that would accent the elements. One of my inspirations happened several years ago when we lived in County Cork, Ireland. The colors that the kids would wear dazzled the eye. Brightly colored tights paired with opposite colors on the color wheel. Very similar to the way Kafee Fassett would design his color pallets.

It’s Ready

Using a mix of watercolor and copic markers and working with 140 cold pressed paper, here is the outcome. Monster Mania Collection

Next Step

I then took these little cuties and added them to a Sprout Pattern. Sprout patterns are a fabulous way to get gifts or mock ups sewn or to sew them yourself. For me it’s easier to just upload them and choose the white glove option. I get a professionally sewn items for gifts or giveaways. Here is the link to the Monster hoodie.

Final Look

As you can see it turned out just right. The model is my very own granddaughter Lexa. She is a natural model. I want to thank her Mom for the photos. My daughter is a sewing enthusiast, but I wanted to make this easy on her so I opted to have it sewn and then shipped to their address. This is an 18 month old size.

The Wrap Up

All an all I am please with the result. Thats a wrap for today. I enjoyed this experience and will be doing it again. I have ordered some fantastic tea towels that I designed and will be showing off next post. Until then have a creative day.

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A Beach Day

That Smell Of The Beach

Earlier this week I had gone into a store and found a perfume called “Beach” by Bobbi Brown.  I had no idea how it smelled and wondered what did she think the beach smelled like.  So as any curious person, I sprayed it on.  I was so pleasantly surprised in the sent.  It smelled exactly like what I remembered.  It took me back to the time that I took the kids to the beach.  Thoughts of preparing the cooler the night before with cantaloupe and watermelon along with sandwiches, sleeping in our suits so we could get up at that crack of dawn and head out to Coquina Beach Bradenten Fla.

As any good artist would do, I started to draw.

Mama Rat and Baby Enjoy the Beach 



Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.44.42 PM

Here is the finished product and is available in print, canvas and framed art and also in blank greeting cards.  Click Here

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The Shark’s Treasure

The Creative Room

Available in as a print at Society6

That’s what I call that area that I tap into. This is what falls out. This time a jovial shark and his friends from under the sea. These are the elements that have been sketched out, watercolored, and then placed in a pattern.


 Cups and travel mugs just click here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.50.34 AM

To Order Yours Click Here

 Backpacks are crafted with spun poly fabric for durability and high print quality. Thoughtful details include double zipper enclosures, padded nylon back and bottom, interior laptop pocket (fits up to 15″), adjustable shoulder straps and front pocket for accessories. Dry clean or spot clean only. One unisex size: 17.75″(H) x 12.25″(W) x 5.75″(D).

sharks-treasure-duvet-coversvia Shark’s Treasure Duvet Cover by Edith Schmidt Art | Society6

Bedding and Pillows are also available.

In a few weeks my blog will be changing and there will be a few big announcements headed my way.  Hopefully we will have some very large giveaways with my products and art.  So if you have not followed me then go ahead and give a follow here on my blog.   Thanks for joining me and hope to see you soon. In the meanwhile have a creative day.

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Just Stay Calm and Meditate On

Just finished these up and posted them in my stores at Society6 and Redbubble.  So hurry on over and check them out.  Lots of great quality products to choose from.

A little Tid Bit

Stewart was a product of my imagination.  He was a little rat that loved to meditate.  He always has a cup of tea and a kitchen full of food, a quiet place to sit and a pair of big ears to listen to all of your worries.   He is a loving and gifted rat.   He is one of Super Pigs buddies.

Thank you for dropping by, if you liked my work please comment below and follow me.

See you Soon

Edith Schmidt ARt

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Flowery Goodness

Just Keep Dreaming

For the past several weeks I have sat by my husbands bedside.  A man who has never been sick a day in his life.  He went through Stage 4 B-cell Lymphoma, chemo, and stem cell replacement.  Came through all that, but developed a virus called CMV.  Common in stem cell patients.  It was difficult to detect it because it was hiding in his bone marrow.  Instead of showing up on other parts of his body, it attacked his bowels and ulcerated them.  It was so bad at one time they called us to come.  I was just finishing my radiation for Brest cancer so I had not been able to come with him when he went through all of the stem cell therapy.  I came over a month ago to say our good byes.  My oldest son, our Kelsey and myself.  My youngest son had to stay with our dogs.   He recovered and has been fighting ever since.  So when I am with him I think of positive things.  Positive light.  Healing light.  As I draw I am not afraid.  I am relaxed and I am open to all things good and healing.  We have made so many many friends here.  I have faith he will survive.  It will be a battle when I get him home.  There will be many months of recovery.  But we will see it through.  In the mean while I will draw and doodle and you dear faithful followers can see the fruits of those dreams.  Hopefully the energy that fills my mind will also fill you, where ever you are in life.

Available at RedBubble and Society6



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Best Friends

Introducing “Best Friends”


This image is available in a framed format, print, or in note cards at Society6.  This image brings back childhood memories of two best friends sitting together whispering and laughing.

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The Colors of Spring 

Do you have a memory of spring or any season?  That color, that when you see it, it brings back memories of that season?  The fun you had, the feeling of adventure?

That is what happens when I see designs or patterns, add some color to those things and it takes me right to those wonderful feelings.  It doesn’t have to be seasonal either.  It can summon up a memory of a movie. To this day, I can describe a color or colors in a movie that perhaps my number first born child and I saw.  Robert Downey was in one movie and I remember the color red and filter the director used.  I can’t recall the name, but I can describe it to my first born and she knows exactly which one I am on about.  Incidently, the name of the movie was “In Dreams”.

While working on some patterns last night, I tried to put in some of the colors that reminded me of this season, spring, Eastor for some of us; the brightness of the flowers, the varigated leaves of the plants.

All these items shown here are available for purchase at RedBubble and Society6, or you can just click on the image and it should take you right there.

Available at Society6
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble


Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6



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Spring has Sprung

I am so excited for spring.  The time for growth and new beginnings.  It is also the time for pruning those things that are no longer useful.  It’s time to plant new ideas and new concepts and practice new ways in doing things.  Its time to embrace the learning class of life, and sign up for an exciting corse.

To celebrate new starts I have put together a great little pattern.  Blue Pansies, that have been watercolored, and then placed in a pattern.  This year I plan on doing a lot more flowers, but giving them my own spin.

First things first

As you all know I use Society6 and RedBubble to give my creations the ability to be made available to my friends, family and fans.  So here they are.  I have picked out just a few to show you, but you can click on to the link provided and it will take you  to what ever store you prefer for more products.

A Sampling of  RedBubble Products


 A Sampling of Society6 Products


As of lately

Zazzle has also come up in the world.  They are now producing leggings with all over print. I also do a good deal of selling with fabrics from them. Like I have said in a previous post I am cleaning out the store over there to make it easier for my clients to shop.  This is my leggings collections, I will add to it as I go along.  You will have to forgive me I am working alone in the studio.  Days of organizing have to be carefully fitted between days of painting.


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