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New York

img_0601-1Here I Come

Its been several years now since I have been to the Surtex show but this year I am heading there on May 20-22.  On a whim (by whim I mean I do this every year about the same time)  I pulled up the Surtex show website and puroused the details outlining the commitments, dates and times, money etc.  But this time was different.  I submitted my website for approval to attend. I took action. What the hell right?  The next morning I got a call saying that they had been looking over my website and that they felt that I would be a good match with some of the buyers that would be there this year.  Well what could I say to that? NO? All I could do was listen again to the message.  Then I turned to the Benevolent Dictator and said wow they called me.  Before I knew it he had booked a booth (Booth #2551). Gotten me a nice package for the show and an advertisement in their magazine.  Plane tickets were bought and hotel reserved.  Now something that was a dream, is becoming a reality.

AdobeStock_104307225@0,75xRaising Money

The thought of raising money is always daunting and a bit scary.  But I put on my big girl panties and went on the task of making it happen.  I want to stop right here and say a big thank you to all of those who reached in to their own pockets and contributed to my studio.  I am humbled and extremely grateful.  This year thanks to my patrons, I will have my hotel, shuttle, signs, TM and Copyrights, all taken care of.  This is huge and I am so thankful.

 I am offering a raffle.

Each virtual ticket cost 25$.  At the end of the raffle on Tuesday a random winner will be chosen.  The image will be mailed off on my return from New York.   The image  I have chosen is “Enlightenment”  She is one that will be featured in the show.  The image is 12″ x 12″ and is a digital work of art.  You will receive the image framed.  This is a retail value of 46$. Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.52.55 PM

Raffel Enlightenment

For the purchase of one (one who am I kidding you can purchase more than one) 25$ ticket you will be entered in a raffle to win this 12×12 image. Created by Edith Schmidt Art LLC. The image was created digital and will be featured in New York at the Surtex licensing Show May 20-22- 2018. Your donations will help my studio make a great showing. The money will be used to purchase lunch or coffee or any supply needed when we go. I thank you in advance for you donations.


All That Is left

I guess all that is left is to get my social media accounts all generating my adventure in to licensing. So if you have not followed me here are a few that are a must.

  1. SnapChat. I will be snapping a great deal while Im there and no telling what you will see. You can follow me from setup to takedown. Username “jeweledfrog” Unknown.png
  2. Next is Instagram.  you can follow me here Edith Schmidt Art This will also be a must for followers.  Details will be given and photos posted.  There will be different perspectives on these platforms so be sure to follow.
  3. Facebook Edith Schmidt Art  as always my page in FB will be open for you to join and keep up with postings on illustrations and how you can connect.


Yes my catalog is here.  I have been holding off on putting it up until I got word back from my atty on the copyright and TM.  Since all is cleared I will be creating a page where the 2018 will reside. This page will also be updated with new illustrations for 2019 so it will be easy for those who are interested in licensing new illustrations and pattern designs in the upcoming year. This is a password protected catalog.

Well folks that’s all.  Thank you Thank you.  All of you.

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016



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