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From My Garden

I love spring.  I can’t tell you how much I love it.  The smell  the warmth, flowers in bloom, rain.  It just smells of new beginnings and hope.  It also is inspiring and a chance for meditative practices to be done i the fresh air. With all that I love the work with plants.  The idea that I am returning to the earth and connecting on a basic level.  Mother Earth never fails to give back to me.

IMG_5496photo edith Schmidt 2 Here is a little example of something that I adore.

Succulents.  I have wanted these for years and now was the perfect time to spoil myself with a few that had caught my out on an outing. I still can’t go out and work in the garden but I sure can bring the garden into my house.  The only thing is my table is getting pretty full of my little collection.  It doesn’t help matters that they are in my local grocery store right on the way out.  I just happen to grab a couple each time I have been checking out.

Repurposing My Cookie Tins

I used to have a million cookie tens.  I just could seem to throw them away so I would save some of the more interesting ones.  It was not long before it got out of hand.  Now I have found a wonderful use for them.  Some I distress and some I just paint over with chalk paint.  I can set them around the house depending on the amount of sunlight that they require.  It’s nice to have a spot of color and something alive to brighten up the rooms.  IMG_5500photo edith Schmidt 2

So This Is My Creation For The Day

Did I tell you that I also have some Foxgloves sprouting on the counter?  I can’t wait for those to get planted.  I’ll leave you for now.  Put something alive and green in your home, your studio, or just where ever you can.  Now, on to my watercolors,some sketching, and possible posting.

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016

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