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The Colors of Spring 

Do you have a memory of spring or any season?  That color, that when you see it, it brings back memories of that season?  The fun you had, the feeling of adventure?

That is what happens when I see designs or patterns, add some color to those things and it takes me right to those wonderful feelings.  It doesn’t have to be seasonal either.  It can summon up a memory of a movie. To this day, I can describe a color or colors in a movie that perhaps my number first born child and I saw.  Robert Downey was in one movie and I remember the color red and filter the director used.  I can’t recall the name, but I can describe it to my first born and she knows exactly which one I am on about.  Incidently, the name of the movie was “In Dreams”.

While working on some patterns last night, I tried to put in some of the colors that reminded me of this season, spring, Eastor for some of us; the brightness of the flowers, the varigated leaves of the plants.

All these items shown here are available for purchase at RedBubble and Society6, or you can just click on the image and it should take you right there.

Available at Society6
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble
Available at RedBubble


Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6
Available at Society6



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Spring has Sprung

I am so excited for spring.  The time for growth and new beginnings.  It is also the time for pruning those things that are no longer useful.  It’s time to plant new ideas and new concepts and practice new ways in doing things.  Its time to embrace the learning class of life, and sign up for an exciting corse.

To celebrate new starts I have put together a great little pattern.  Blue Pansies, that have been watercolored, and then placed in a pattern.  This year I plan on doing a lot more flowers, but giving them my own spin.

First things first

As you all know I use Society6 and RedBubble to give my creations the ability to be made available to my friends, family and fans.  So here they are.  I have picked out just a few to show you, but you can click on to the link provided and it will take you  to what ever store you prefer for more products.

A Sampling of  RedBubble Products


 A Sampling of Society6 Products


As of lately

Zazzle has also come up in the world.  They are now producing leggings with all over print. I also do a good deal of selling with fabrics from them. Like I have said in a previous post I am cleaning out the store over there to make it easier for my clients to shop.  This is my leggings collections, I will add to it as I go along.  You will have to forgive me I am working alone in the studio.  Days of organizing have to be carefully fitted between days of painting.


Logo Stamp red balloon 2016
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Reviewing and Cleaning 

The Purge

With several different on line stores that I have, it takes constant review just to keep the content current.  I have been focusing on Society6 and RedBubble, both of those stores I like.  Here are a few reasons:

  • Uploading
  • The products
  • The 30 day payment

I also have a love hate relationship with Zazzle.  I “hate” way that you get paid there.  It can take up to three months to get that PayPal Cha-Ching.  And if you are just starting out and you make less then 50$ in one pay period….. Well they get to float that check a wee bit longer.  I am not a big fan of the websites interaction.  How you set your store up etc.  How you move through the edits on storewide products, are all on my list of pet peeves.   But I do make money from them and there is that “love”.  That and their products are all well made and the reprint of my illustrations, have been great.  I get a lot of return business also.  Soooooo, what am I to do.  I have decided to set up some time to “go through” my store and  storewide compartmentalize  and organize it a bit better.   Of course  I started with Super Pig.  So here are a few things that Zazzle offers in products that the others do not.


For orders click on the image or check out my about page for links.


These are great little aprons that have Super Pig featured.  They are busily sewing their super cape.  This would be great for a fiber artist or even an artist in the studio.  Super Pig inspires creative  endeavors  of all kinds.


Click on the image for orders or visit my about page for links

I love the fact that now with help like Zazzle, artist like myself, needn’t have to depend on an agent, or a company to choose them.  Companies like Spoonflower and Zazzle just to name a few can now give the artist a chance to offer their designs to a large audience.

Night Lights

Click on the image for ordering or visit my about page for links

I love this idea of my illustrations on night lights.  This is great for keeping a light burning in the studio.  If you like my illustrations their is a lot more at my store, Edith Schmidt Art on Zazzle.  My illustrations are whimsical and would be great for just a touch of whimsy in any room.  Children would love this.

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Primary Colored Cats

Since I was sketching cats, I decided to put  a primary color spin on them.  They are offered at Society6 and at RedBubble.

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The Days Are Too Short

Scheduling Around The Clock

I have managed to work in studio time in the past few weeks.  In fact I am almost back up to working in my studio 100% but must still govern my time.  This week fresh out of the studio are several cat patterns.  I love this!  I even love the shower curtain. Society6 has also just added floor pillows (featured below).  Today is 25% off on all floor Pillows and free shipping on all pillows in general.   Just a little bit about the pattern.  This pattern is done in a 1/2 drop repeating 3 times.

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Spring Time Songs

I love the spring.  Stick around and you will hear, “I love the fall” or “I love the winter”.  But there is something about the spring time.  New growth.  The ground smells warm and ready to burst with color and life and blooms.  That is what inspired this little image.  That re-birth and celebration that happens every year at spring time.

Songs of spring

That is what this little watercolor is entitled.  These lambs are singing to their hearts content.  Welcoming in the spring time.  I have used Windsor and Newton watercolor on 40 lb cold pressed paper.  This image is available at my Society6 shop and RedBubble.

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Wouldn’t You Like To Know

Some Days I think to myself

I should write a book.  I should tell how I came to be this woman.  What happened to me. What my journey was.  It’s usually at this point my mind says, “But who would be interested?”  I guess, I say to my self, those that struggle.  Those that cry.  Those that think “how can I possibly recover from this“.  You can recover, but you must first relinquish control of the out come.  Step into the fire. Be Brave sister. Life still can be lived.

Be Brave Book

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From My Garden

I love spring.  I can’t tell you how much I love it.  The smell  the warmth, flowers in bloom, rain.  It just smells of new beginnings and hope.  It also is inspiring and a chance for meditative practices to be done i the fresh air. With all that I love the work with plants.  The idea that I am returning to the earth and connecting on a basic level.  Mother Earth never fails to give back to me.

IMG_5496photo edith Schmidt 2 Here is a little example of something that I adore.

Succulents.  I have wanted these for years and now was the perfect time to spoil myself with a few that had caught my out on an outing. I still can’t go out and work in the garden but I sure can bring the garden into my house.  The only thing is my table is getting pretty full of my little collection.  It doesn’t help matters that they are in my local grocery store right on the way out.  I just happen to grab a couple each time I have been checking out.

Repurposing My Cookie Tins

I used to have a million cookie tens.  I just could seem to throw them away so I would save some of the more interesting ones.  It was not long before it got out of hand.  Now I have found a wonderful use for them.  Some I distress and some I just paint over with chalk paint.  I can set them around the house depending on the amount of sunlight that they require.  It’s nice to have a spot of color and something alive to brighten up the rooms.  IMG_5500photo edith Schmidt 2

So This Is My Creation For The Day

Did I tell you that I also have some Foxgloves sprouting on the counter?  I can’t wait for those to get planted.  I’ll leave you for now.  Put something alive and green in your home, your studio, or just where ever you can.  Now, on to my watercolors,some sketching, and possible posting.

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016

All Photos and images on this blog are property of ©Edith Schmidt Art.
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That Nasty Cat

Every once in a while our cats here at the house turn “Nasty”.  They get into things that they are not supposed to get into or hack up something that is not of this earth.  The general cat life, that exists in our house is what inspired me to do a series called “Nasty Cat”  It catches this little cat doing cat things.

In drawing this little guy in various situations, I also placed him in some patterns. If you look closely you can see his little cat grin.   These items are available in my stores at Society6 and Redbubble

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Let’s Face Fear 

I have been working with the idea of letting our Super Pig Super Hero encounter some life events that some of us take for granted, and others have a real hard time with.   You know like going to doctors.  My biggest anxiety trigger is going to the optometrist.  Some how that little puff of air just terrifies me.  Another one was getting tested for breast cancer.  I was terrified.  I knew I had it. My circumstances at the time was that my husband also had diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma.  What are the chances.  Regardless, it was, and is what it is.  We both had to face our fear, and mortality, and submit to the process of a cure.  In all  this I found that fear can NEVER be in the drivers seat.  It can only be in the passenger seat.  It should not dictate what your choice is.  It is only there to provide caution.  I have also found heroes, and heroes that are now friends during all of this.   I have survived. I have learned that fear will close your eyes and heart and soul to everything that is good in life.  It will leave you parilized.

I am in a much better place and it all due to putting fear in its place.


This lesson of putting fear in its place on a smaller scale,  is what my super hero Super Pig is going through.  Placing fear in the right place.  Learning,  it’s not a guiding force.  Our hero has to face up, and own up, to the fact that perhaps they may need glasses. Our Hero has to admit there might be a problem, and that perhaps their eyes may need a bit of help from the local eye doctor.  Of coarse our Super Hero’s friends rally around, and help in getting the appointments and being a support.  Our Super Hero starts to see that perhaps fear is bigger then the eye problem.  Soon, Super Pig is on their way to the optometrist, going to a place they have never been, in a  part of town that is unfamiliar, meeting people they have never met.  Scary? Yes.


What will happen to our Super Hero?  Will Super Pig have to wear glasses? Will this hinder Super Pig’s Super abilities?  Perhaps he will meet another Super Hero they never thought they would meet………

Tune in next time to find out what happens to our Super Hero.

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016

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