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Weeding Out The Toxicity

“After all, a weed is justplant in a place you don’t want it to be,” Miss Jane Marple, in The Murder at the Vicarage

ivy-elementAnd so it is, with things in my life that are toxic and choke out my growth. Being an artist, it is important for growth. I would think just being a human it would be important to evolve mentally and spiritually, even physically. I often must evaluate my life and look it over, removing those things that are toxic and preventing growth. They can be old habits, toxic relationships, bad choices, etc; those things that hold me back from achieving what I was created to do, that poison my self-esteem and creative flow.

The Constant Gardener

The gardener has an over view, a plan, a design; it is a goal that they will reach when their garden is fully realized. This design keeps them on their design path. It keeps pig-gardening-watercolorthem true to themselves and motivated. Without it, they would become lost, and the end creative result would become unrecognizable. The gardener must be vigilant in their task, or be overrun with weeds. It is so much easier to do it on a daily basis now, learning to recognize toxic behaviors in myself and others, and therefore avoiding it, or removing it all together.




Enjoying The Flowers

Once I learned to identify the weeds, or toxic behaviors of others and in myself, life began to fall into place. My life’s design started to take shape. I no longer worried about those personalities that caused discord, because they no longer affected my garden, or my life’s design. I could enjoy my life without fear. My self-esteem started to grow and life became as it should be: enjoyable. Oh, it still has its ups and downs, but they are much more manageable now. And the JOY! Did I mention that joy now blooms?  stue-watering-the-flowers

Thank you for stopping by;

I love you all, and wish you well.

Edith Schmidt Art

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