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Personal Care Days

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde


‘Personal Care Days’ are those days that are set apart for recharging my batteries. These days bring me more creative thought and a clearer idea on how to achieve them. They rid me of the negative emotions that have collected during the week. I feel that anytime negative emotions are collected, it leaves a type of scrape or wound inside. Self-care allows me to address this, looking at possible causes of why it happened, how to avoid them, and/or remove it and repair the damage.

These days are set aside to give strength to the rest of the days of the week, to become more grounded. Lately, I have had to do self-care days on a weekly basis. The stress in my house for the past couple of years has been at a high level, honestly a Code Red. I have found that if I don’t do self-care days, I am left extremely unbalanced. I face the same things as many of you do, including trying to get by my own self in order to just initiate my ‘Personal Care Days’. Life and family commitments are ongoing in my house, sometimes my family intrudes without thought. Before I go into too much detail on my life, here is a list some of what I do to promote a grounding and sense of well-being for myself. Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to expand on them and/or put them into practice for yourself:

  • Try to keep silent all day, a “No Talk Day”
  • A special bath and soak in the tub, using essential oils and soaps
  • A pedicure or manicure
  • Massage
  • Journaling and/or doodling, without expecting an end result
  • Meditation
  • A favorite book (I like a real book rather than an ebook)
  • A day without technology
  • A favorite uplifting movie
  • Try to stay alone


Keeping It Real 

It’s important to really pull at those negative things that have collected over the week, to get rid and replace them with healing, loving those wounds and those parts of your personality that may cause those wounds, gently correcting and acknowledging each and every issue. The reason that I do these days alone, and with no talking, is to really deal with myself without the distraction of others or conversation that may lead away from my purpose. I take this opportunity to try to address all those warts (things I dislike about my personality, that hold me back from being more clear and creative, as well as a better human being).

The Body Is Your Temple 

The body is what holds it all together; it is what carries that beautiful soul. In a way, it is the ship that sails me from one experience to another. You never understand that more until something of a health nature goes very wrong, and that ship is threatened. It’s so important to keep on top of maintenance and care. The more attention I pay to my body and its needs, the more I can hear when it is trying to tell me something, like when it’s overloaded or stressed out, damaged or drained. I can then immediately start to tend to it and repair the issues. This intricate knowledge of my body is developed from the self-care of it and from meditation.


Smells Can Ring Bells

Essential oils can be used on these wonderful days. They can induce a memory or a mood, and increase that sense of well-being. It encourages me to keep working on self. Incense is also a great addition; the burning of sage, Palo Santo wood, etc., just to name a few. Believe me, once you start the practice, you won’t want to stop, and that scent will instantly put your mind and spirit at that healing point quicker every time.


In Closing

I think I could go on and on, but I hope that I have inspired you to push aside the chaos of commitments and distractions and focus on yourself, to recharge your battery for a new creative day.

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Thank you for stopping by,

Edith Schmidt Art

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Weeding Out The Toxicity

“After all, a weed is justplant in a place you don’t want it to be,” Miss Jane Marple, in The Murder at the Vicarage

ivy-elementAnd so it is, with things in my life that are toxic and choke out my growth. Being an artist, it is important for growth. I would think just being a human it would be important to evolve mentally and spiritually, even physically. I often must evaluate my life and look it over, removing those things that are toxic and preventing growth. They can be old habits, toxic relationships, bad choices, etc; those things that hold me back from achieving what I was created to do, that poison my self-esteem and creative flow.

The Constant Gardener

The gardener has an over view, a plan, a design; it is a goal that they will reach when their garden is fully realized. This design keeps them on their design path. It keeps pig-gardening-watercolorthem true to themselves and motivated. Without it, they would become lost, and the end creative result would become unrecognizable. The gardener must be vigilant in their task, or be overrun with weeds. It is so much easier to do it on a daily basis now, learning to recognize toxic behaviors in myself and others, and therefore avoiding it, or removing it all together.




Enjoying The Flowers

Once I learned to identify the weeds, or toxic behaviors of others and in myself, life began to fall into place. My life’s design started to take shape. I no longer worried about those personalities that caused discord, because they no longer affected my garden, or my life’s design. I could enjoy my life without fear. My self-esteem started to grow and life became as it should be: enjoyable. Oh, it still has its ups and downs, but they are much more manageable now. And the JOY! Did I mention that joy now blooms?  stue-watering-the-flowers

Thank you for stopping by;

I love you all, and wish you well.

Edith Schmidt Art

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What Pink Bows Mean To Me

October and Breast Cancer Awareness

Ah, the month that everything turns pink. Drill bits, chicken buckets, tampons, kitchenaid, any product that pulls on your heart-strings. Women smiling with pink shirts.  All neatly packaged and marked, and nothing that would shock or give you the real picture of what breast cancer is really like. “After all, we have grandmothers who will see,” is what I was told. Well, mine fucking died from it. I saw her radiation burns every day. So, I say let’s pull back the curtain on the battle scars, the Frankenstein operations, and reconstructions; how it feels like razor wire with every breath you take after you’re sent home from the operation with drainage tubes, staples now closing a 6 to 7 inch incision (or if you opted for a double, then a total of 14 inches). The daily fight going through chemo, the shots to increase your white blood cell count (often worse than the chemo), the radiation, the hormone suppression. Let’s talk about the numbness under your arm or arms… Better practice your mobility; better pray; better hope that that son of bitch didn’t migrate to any other place in your body, brain, lungs…. Sleep well.  If you’re not on anti-anxiety meds, you will be now. By the way, one bag of the anti-nausea medication that accompanies chemo costs $6,000, one prescription of anti-nausea cost $165.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Cover It Up

Because no matter how barbaric the treatments are, you are thankful to whatever higher power there is that you kicked the shit out of cancer. You cut it out, you burned it out, you radiated it out. You fought a war, and you have the scars to prove it it. The monuments on your body, and those scars, are to be held in reverence and never to be covered up or to be ashamed of. If I had it my way, all walks would be done topless, all photos topless. That… is awareness. That give the awairness to others. It drives that message home on a whole new level.

Hair loss… that is the least of your worries, or should be. Wear that bald head proud. NEVER COVER IT UP. I hate to see a women cover her head. Let others see it, and when someone stares, ask them what the fuck they’re looking at! I guarantee they won’t do a damn thing. By the way, you can order a cap that will prevent your hair loss.  But you know, why make cancer invisible. But perhaps your hair is your identity, like perhaps your boobs are. No judgment here.

Just Remember to Honor Yourself and Others

If you have cancer, or know someone who does, please do the research on how to communicate with them. Don’t keep asking, “How do you feel, how is your treatment going?” Really people how the hell do you think its going.  Make them a meal, Take them out, sit with them, rent a movie with them, share your life with them.  MAKE AN EFFORT TO INTERACT IN THEIR LIFE.  Don’t just sit back on the side lines and say I’m glad it’s not me cause people it can be one day.  This is the fight against cancer.  This is how you make a difference each and every day.  In this way you honor yourself and others.

In closing

Just remember bald is not shameful, flat is beautiful, scars are also beautiful and can remind us of where we have been and where we are going.  They are the monuments of battles fought.  Live life one second at a time. And learn to live life in joy no matter how hard.

I love you all

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