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It’s Important To Keep Yourself Up

Putting on a good face

Putting on a good face can be the most important thing I start my day off with.  If it is a cleaning ritual or the practice of make-up, it can help in setting the day, especially if I battling illness or depression or emotional illness.  Just that small investment in myself can make all the difference.  It could be a special bath soap or skin lotion, just the act of application and self love.  The ritual of self care.  Some days it can be all that I have the energy to do.  But during the day, I am reminded by a glance in the mirror or by the smell of my skin that there will be a better day.

Living in the moment, not in the future

Living in the moment gives me the freedom of having a good moment, of just making it through that moment.  When putting a whole future on my shoulders, it can get overwhelming and, sometimes, too much to bear.  I take just that moment to indulge myself.  I use oils and sents that help me remember my goals and objectives.  The Good.

Keeping a record

Journaling , art journaling, keeping a physical record, something to reflect on makes a world of difference.  Some of my writings and drawings, when I reflect on them, give me what I can only describe as relief and encouragement.  Some I can’t believe that they came from me. They improve my image of self.

Touching that positive

For the day, and each and every day,  I touch the positive.  I touch the talisman that relates the purest positive image to me.  What I have intended for that day.

Some of my positive thoughts





Self Accepatance

Self Love

Compassion for others and for myself

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