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Letting it Pass

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I talk a lot about emotion and letting it go and not holding on to it.  Holding on to the emotion is when things can begin to build up and begin to become toxic.  It is okay to be angry or upset.  Just acknowledge it and let it pass.  Like a storm.  Storms don’t last forever.  They can have their value.  Their inspiration.

Take the time to grieve

It’s okay to just take the time to grieve  But also while you are doing that nurture yourself.  Choose to hold your head in the sun light and be thankful. Remember if your emotionally ill there is a difference and you can work your way out of it.  surround yourself with supportive people. Positive.

One of my rules for myself is I only talk to one close friend about my issue and it is only once to see if I have explored all the avenues that would “help” my situation.  Then I leave it alone.  My friend knows my situation and will remember it.  If something comes to mind they will share an idea at a later date.  I don’t keep going over and over and over it.  Or reliving it.  Every one is different and they could have a close group of friends. Sometimes bits of your life may be shared so that someone knows a part therefor knows something so that they are better able to help.

Friendly support

If you are hard pressed on what to do for some one who is in a emotional crisis then how about a distraction.  A day out.  Perhaps you could take that friend to a favorite hand crafted bath shop and purchase them a nice bath scrub.  Or out to lunch and a movie.  Their type of lunch and their type of move.  A walk around the mall.  A movie night at their house with some funny movies. A dinner that you made and brought over.  These are just a few ideas.

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