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Pure Emotion

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And artist Take on Working through Emotional Illness

I used to be so conflicted when I would see post of people saying  “just choose to be happy”.  I knew that there were those who could not just choose.  I knew that I, on some days, could not just choose.  But then again, I knew that some days I could, and some days I held onto unhappiness or anger, or any other unproductive negative  emotion.  That’s when it dawned on me that there was perhaps a difference between mental illness and emotional illness.

Emotional Illness


Emotional illness,  is the practice of holding onto negative emotions.  The very practice of cultivating negative emotion inside your body and mind is toxic and can and will produce illness.  This is not a medical blog so if you are looking for validation of this please do go and google all the studies you want and get your justification.  This is my coming to grips on how this has effected my life and art work.  Perhaps it can inspire others to let go of anger or spite or jealousy or hate or any other negative issue.  Really it just doesn’t hurt anyone but ……………you.

Kicking it on Paper

IMG_4953.JPGTo move the emotion out, I have started journaling again.  I used an art journal and a written journal to make sure that when inspiration strikes I am ready. Even if your not an artist this is a great way to get emotions out.  Doodling from the creative side of the mind can unlock emotions that have been buried deep inside.  Writing, just listing thoughts with out sentence structure can also prove to be effective.  Or at least I have found these suggestions to be good ones.  Really its what speaks to you and how you communicate.


Free Wash

This little bunny was done in a free sketch style and then completed with an ink wash I used FW. Inks.  This as well as good portion of my art, are available at my Society6  store in a wide range of products.  He was designed to give courage and strength.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.07.01 PM


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