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Be Brave

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I have been out dealing with some health issues these past few weeks.  Needless to say studio time has become a premium.  During this time I have struggled with the usual artist dilemma.  Inspiration, depression, and my own mortality as well as other members of my family’s mortality.  I don’t mean to sound glum, but, hey, you reach that point, and thoughts do creep in.

So the other day I climbed up the stairs to the studio and thought I would try some painting. You know get back to normal. What ever the hell that is now.  Oh the horror.  It looked like SHIT.  I never throw anything away but this time as soon as it dried I tossed it in the bin. Climbed back down the stairs and promptly sank into another depression.  After the worst night of sleep I thought I could have  ( a total of 4 hours), coupled with anxious leg syndrome (something my mother when I was younger swore that I was faking), I woke, actually feeling better.  I climbed back up to the studio and began again.  I sketched this little fellow in about three minutes.  That day ended up being the best day I have had in over a month.  The brightest.

This hare or rabbit,  is worked in Liquitex ink, Transparent raw umber, and black, on mixed media paper. I choose a rabbit or hare, because of the ole statement, “scared like a rabbit”.  But this little one…… not so much.  This little one will be BRAVE.

You can find him at Society6 on most of all the products there.  So If you are in need of this type of mantra, to be reminded to just “Be Brave” or you know someone you want to encourage,  you may want to check him out.

I intend to put this little mantra every where I look.  Like in the bath room so I can see him in the mornings.

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Layering Your Life with Art

Art can be encouraging and a point of strength that you touch on each and every day.  Something that you build on that puts more wind in your sails and keeps you moving forward.  I will never forget what it felt like when I thought that creativity left me.  In retrospect, it was a silly notion.  I reached for my sketch book immediately and begin looking at all the beautiful things that I had created.  Did I feel good instantly? No, I didn’t.  Honestly.  But I did later on.  And that was enough.  I have a good friend in my life and when I am down, I am honest with her and she always comes through with pushing me to create in my own true creative vain.   It’s important to have these friendships.  To reach out and talk to communicate with each other.  Magic happens.  Healing happens.  Life happens.

Encouraging others through art on Stationary.

Yes this is a shameless plug on my part.  But this little bunny has helped me and so I want to share him.

So drop by and check my little alter ego out.  Yes that is me, a self portrait done in rabbit form.  Trying to sit and be brave.   I hope that I have inspired you to create or to be brave.  To reach for the unreachable to move from the unmovable.

Have a beautiful creative day

Logo Stamp red balloon 2016


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