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Value of Time

As of late, I have been taking a serious look at my life, and how I create my art.  Since I have a fantastic family,  and support system, I look for ways that I can  improve on my time in the studio.  How you say?  I look how to  educate and inspire my family to understand why I must come to my studio every day and sit and create.  In this exploration, I discovered  I valued everyone else’s time over my own. Now a bit of a disclaimer here.  Everyone has a different set of circumstances in their world.  What one adjective describes in one persons life is different in another life experience.  So this is my observation in my life.  Instead of seeing if this fits you exactly, use it to think outside your box.  To see if it speaks to you partly or maybe gives you an understanding.

As I have gotten older more things crop up to steal time. Health, money, family events or excursions, right down to grocery shopping and food preparation.   Now whether I am more aware of them now as opposed to earlier in life is debatable and really doesn’t matter.  It is what it is.

Like I said I have a great family, and like any family they all have their needs and dreams and goals.  But I was feeling like I had to sacrifice my time and with that my life and my life as an artist.  I would see my children all growing up and deserving of their exploration of who they are and who they wanted to become.  Swim meets, MMA commitments, on and on and on. My Benevolent Dictator needed his time to create and be left to his time.  Being an entrepreneurial  family, this is extremely important.  You can see now were I’m headed with this.  So I picked up the loose ends and started to take on the responsibilities that would be draining of time. Of their time.   Soon every one was allowed and encouraged on their voyage of self awareness and expression.  Everyone except me.  I was consumed with the chores, the laundry, school, meal preparation and on and on.  Soon time was what I could salvage from a day filled with the task of others, who’s time was too valuable to be concerned with.

So here I found myself one morning, in the shower, wondering how and why I ever found myself with out time.  It was then that it hit me.  Time was valuable.  Everyone wants it.  The employer rents it from the employee.  I was an employee of my studio WTF??? Here is the real wall break…..If I didn’t value my own time…..none of my support group did.  And if they didn’t, I was the one that taught them that very thing.  I would have given them the okay to just ignore my time, and ratified that their time was far more valuable than mine.  Whaaaaat?

Oh but you say “you were just being a Mom”, a “wife” if you didn’t do it, who would.  Well the point is, I should have been teaching the value of time all along.

Are you starting to see now?  So how do I get back to getting more time.  By calling a meeting with my support team.  After all that is why it’s called a support team right?   I explained the value of time.  My time.  Their time.  How things are a trade off.  How they could pay for my time in chores or help,  and when they see something that needs to be done, just do it.

I’m not going to say that this was easy.  Or will be easy.  It will take a lot of reminders and firmness.  I will say it is on the road to getting resolved.  My time is now valued by the most important person.



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