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Keeping up with Stu

Stewart (those who know him call him Stu) the Meditating Rat.

A few days ago this little Rat, called Stu for short, waddled in my life with his cup of tea and silk cushions.  He is a small but powerful being.  In my imagination (I always say that just so I add confront to those who wonder about my sanity) he sits on my desk and simply makes tea and listens to my ideas, and worries, and triumphs etc, etc, etc.  He makes the most fantastic cups of tea, and after we sit in silence, suddenly, some how, if I had a problem before, all seems to be on the road to right once again.

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So Keep an eye out for Stu the Meditating Rat.  To catch a daily look inside my studio, you can follow me on Instagram and on Twitter .  Coming soon is my Periscope under my old studio name Jeweledfrog,  signup to follow me now. You will be able to join me for live feeds in my studio. I will be broadcasting some how to’s and tips and tricks that I utilize.  I will also be giving reviews on the mediums and how to apply them in everyday work .  So follow along and get notified of the times and dates and when I go live.

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  1. Wow that is very good… i love that T-shirt … Do you want to sell to Indonesia? I think you will get many customer in here… Nice Share

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