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Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

What ever you wish to call that soft voice,  inspiration, creativity, muse, that image that just wandered in.  It is this, this voice of creative flow, that must be obeyed.  For as soon as it enters no one knows how long it will stay, and just as quickly as it came, it can leave.  Where does it go?  It goes to another outlet another artist, so that it can get out.  Nothing personal, just the way that it flows.  Like steam that tries to escape from a boiling pot, so does that creative flow.

How do I hear it?  I spend my free hours preparing for it.  I sketch ideas.  I look at images and imagine and let my mind flow where it wants to.  That is when those creative thoughts come in and start to form.  Soon I am drawing something that can best be explained as a “feeling”that this is right.  My inner creative voice has never asked me to do anything that I was not capable of doing.  My journey in getting it to the finishing point can be filled with  a learning, and different techniques, but it is like a road trip with a best friend.

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