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Seeing the Spark

Have you ever taken a look at the road that your on, and despite all of life’s downs, you suddenly see the light at the end.  Not that your circumstances have changed or that you have suddenly won the lottery but your able to put aside the ego, and see, or feel, that positive energy.  Well That is were I am at.  The swirling of negative is still swarming around, but yet in the midst of it all, I have found that branch of positive energy.

It Would Seem So

Through my meditations that I am faithful to do every day, I have found more positive things in my life then negative.  Don’t get me wrong, I have very, very real problems, and they are not solved they are ongoing.  I used to wonder how I would be able to come out of these issues alive and functioning.  I saw my self living under a bridge, homeless, devastated, ruined, at the end.  The most important thing here is to say “I” saw myself there.  Not anyone else.  But “I” saw my self there.  Since we (my family and I ) have been on the journey of surviving an extremely stressful situation that was placed in our lives, I have had to change my life, my thinking, the way I view life.  It has been WORK.  But aren’t  best things in life “worked” for.  For it is then that we know the value of those things.

Seeing your talent evolve

I have the talent of creating art.  I have had it since birth.  I know what I can, and what I can’t produce.  It was while meditating that I saw something happen within my art, and talent that was unbelievable.  It started to become better then I thought I was capable of ever doing.  Now that I am faithful to that inner goddess, that soul, that higher power, and not my emotions, I have seen a future.  A place that I long to be.  A place I belong.

What’s The Point

The “point” is that I want to encourage anyone who is having negative issues in their lives, or just want to improve  their life or talent,  to try this simple act of meditation.


Here is what I do, but if you have an established meditation, or have another idea that is fine.  Do what you feel comfortable with.

  1. Clear a time and space
  2. Grab some arty things, like pens, pencils, watercolor, paper, etc. you get the idea.
  3. True off all phones and computers etc.  If you like music or something to fill the silence then by all means put some on.  I can do mine with or without music.  Sometimes sound helps keep  part of my brain focused.  You know that nasty little part that always distracts.
  4. Make an intention.  Keep is simple. It could be like “bring me more positive energy”. You could focus on a phrase you saw that inspired you in a positive way.  Just keep it simple. Don’t worry you will be inspired as you practice.
  5. Then start to draw.  No need to worry about if it is good or not.  Just practice letting the flow take place, while you meditate on your positive affirmation, your mantra.  If you need some images to inspire you then come prepared with some to just jumpstart your mind.   Your work will change as you practice.

That is basically it.  Just be faithful, and it will be faithful to you.  You know that ole saying you get what you put into it.  Be careful of saying “I don’t have the time” .  You will always have to time for the things you value.

The image that was attached to this post is one of my Tea Bag Meditations.

I hope that this has inspired you to maybe try something different or incorporate some aspect of this into a meditation that you perhaps already do.

Thanks and have a creative day

Edith Schmidt Art.






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