Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

What ever you wish to call that soft voice, inspiration, creativity, muse, that image that just wandered in. It is this, this voice of creative flow, that must be obeyed. For as soon as it enters no one knows how long it will stay, and just as quickly as it came, it can leave.

Seeing the Spark

Have you ever taken a look at the road that your on, and despite all of life’s downs, you suddenly see the light at the end.  Not that your circumstances have changed or that you have suddenly won the lottery but your able to put aside the ego, and see, or feel, that positive energy.  Well…

Some where in the middle

Finding that livable spot As an artist I have struggled with emotions for most of my life.  The worst one is fear.  Not fear like, lets say, “end of the world fear”, but fear in failure.  For me as an artist, it’s failure in itself. Over coming Fear Let me get this straight I have not over come…