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Do Fish Get Cold?

And Other Questions

Forget science and the actual answers to these and many other questions that explode in my mind on a daily basis.  But for a moment, just take a leap (large jump) in to the creative mind.  My mind.  A place where anything is possible.  Including fish wearing sweaters carrying umbrellas.  Now I can’t take credit for this fantasy, no.  Super Pig did  come up with this idea a while back and I did it, a while back.  But I got so hung up on getting the accuracy of the fish right and the type of sweater and all these ridged thoughts just sucked the life and the fun out of the image.  I mean…. why would I even worry about that stuff? IT’S ART.

Having fun

Here is where the “Other Questions” come into play, and the fun too.  Instead of getting caught up in the actual image this time, I started playing with the questions, and that started to trip my creative thought process.  Like,

  • “would they be walking their “dog fish” or
  • “what kind of sweaters would they wear?”
  • “Would they have different umbrellas beside dreary black?”

Now you can see the process.  The out line for the drawing purposes.  In the studio I let go of reality and start from scratch.  What makes me giggle. The random.

The fish of my labor

Okay you didn’t come here to read about the images, this is an art blog and I am not touting my abilities as a writer.  Or for that matter my editing skills.  (Ugh) So for your enjoyment, here is what I have been working on.  Feel free to hit like, that encourages me and lets me meet new people, start a conversation, or I can just bask in the approval.  Or if you prefer,  just follow along on my creative journey.  Thanks for dropping by and remember, play nice here.  All my work is copyright “EdithSchmidtArt”.  It is how I make my living.  Until next time have a creative day.  Do something goofy and question every thing. Its art, and the rules of creative thought are loosely applied.  After all that is what makes it creative!!!

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