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Little Robots

Go with it, or get run over!


That what happened to me.  I went to the studio to paint and sketch one thing and these little robots decided that they were having none of that.  What was I to do?  I will tell you what I did.  I cranked the music and gave them the lead.

Seems like they have exploded in all my stores.  So here are the links.  Meet and greet them as you like. I am ordering my proofs from Spoonflower so they will be available for those clients.  I’ll tweet and update when they come in. If you are familiar with Spoonflower you will know that proofs must be order and approved.  Please allow 2 weeks for that but do message me if you need different sizes and I will be glad to accommodate that.   Until then here are my other stores.  I highly recommend Society6 as I love their printing method and I order often from them.  RedBubble is also fantastic and some of the products they offer are not available on other sites.  Again they offer fantastic prints.  Zazzle also has products  that are unique to them.  I have also ordered from them and have not been disappointed with their print translation.

So get ready here they are;



Red Bubble





Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.20.03 AM

Thanks guys for all your support in my art!  Every comment and purchase encourages me.  Thank you so much.  Until next time, if you have any questions about how my work is achieved or if you would like to discuss a color preference in one of my images, just leave a comment.  Have a creative day and remember to crank the music in you creative place.

Edith Schmidt Art!


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