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Setting A Positive Tone

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Boss Hog Takes a Break Created By Edith Schmidt Art All Rights Reserved

Getting A Positive Frame of mind

Sometimes my mornings are hectic and sometimes my mornings are quite and reflective, but regardless of what goes on, I still have to come into my studio and produce something for the day.  It helps me greatly if I check my energy prior to even starting my day.

Over a year ago, something extremely negative happened to my family and I was faced with the choice of focusing on that negativity, or putting it aside and moving from that.  It was hard, hard, hard.  It still can be hard even today.  Because that negative thing that happened didn’t go away. We are still dealing with it.It was just before event came in put life, that I had started meditating.  I have kept up the meditations for over a year now.  Just that quite focus at the start of each day has help me greatly with over coming, and coping, with negative emotion.

Why So Serious

Negative emotion can rob you of everything, most of all the joy, creative ability, and purpose in life. In my life at any rate.  It was when I was faced with the choice of holding on to,  or letting go of the negative, and the fear, that consumed me.  I chose art. The light.  The positive.  I was prepared to make room for the positive, even if that meant to remove the pain of negative  emotion.  Now you might say of coarse you would want the positive.  Well sometimes you get so used to the pain that it doesn’t seem like you are choosing a negative. Believe me you can’t draw happy pigs if your full of toxic emotions.

Keep Your Work Space Energized

I want to encourage you to open the  shades and windows.  Let in the light.  Have that cup of tea or coffee or glass of wine at mid day.  Turn up the music.  Take off your shoes and dance.  What ever it takes to fluff up your pillows and air out your soul.

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Learn to identify negative emotions that live inside you and  negative Statements that fall from your lips.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t have negative things that come in your life, but you won’t live or dwell in that negativity for ever.  You can acknowledge that its there, and grieve, get angry, but you can let it go. Negative doesn’t have to be your companion.

Enjoy your day, be creative


About the image and sources.

The image that you see was created in watercolor, the slid show shows the process.  Special thanks goes to Winsor and Newton watercolors, Canson 140b cold pressed paper, and Liquitex inks.  Thank you for dropping by.  

All Rights Reserved.


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