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Appetite For Inspiration

Where Does Creativity Come From?

Just about anywhere.

For me I used to think it fell from the sky, and in a way it does.  But I have to be ready to catch it.  I meditate, and learn to quite my mind, so I can hear when she, creativity, softly knocks at the door to my imagination. FullSizeRender 3 I look for it in people who make me smile and laugh. I keep my studio a  “negative energy free” zone.  I cultivate things that are positive.  I am a gardener, ever tilling the soil, pulling weeds, planting seeds, trimming back,  and harvesting.  Creativity can come at unexpected times.  In the darkest times, or the best of times.  It can speak through anyone.  It can come when your looking for it and when your not.


Keep them close, like your favorite brushes, and paints.

I am not one who has a large group of friends,  just the opposite.  In honesty,  I can be a bit closed off, in my head so to speak.   But those close to me are fantastic humans.  They inspire me.  Enter my friend, Jim West (you can follow him on FB).  His personality spoke to me through his photography and the fact that he used to live in Ireland for a bit.  His FaceBook feed is always upbeat and positive.  His adventures are endless (so is his energy).  Evidently he saw my images and they also struck a cord in him, just like his photography did in me. My art made him happy, and he acted on that, and reached out to me.  His joy and happiness over my images started a much need fire in my creative soul. (Ohhhh Jim you will never know).  But let me give a shout out to Jim right now, and some of the things that he does.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.55.03 PM

This man is truly inspired, and he lets that passion infect others.  Thank you Jim for infecting me.  What does he do you ask? Inspires and Travels.  He takes people to fantastic destinations all over the world and introduces them to accomplished artisans. He pulls back the curtain, and lets creativity in. Here is an excerpt from his page in regards to his most recent endeavor “Destination Craft with Jim West” a fantastic travel show that they just finished shooting:  “The show will not be your typical craft show that you have seen on television before. We are actually traveling to different countries around the world and learning crafts firsthand from master artists. We are traveling to Bali to learn batiking from master batik artists, woodcarving, painting, and weaving. We will learn pasta making from an Italian chef in Tuscany and take a lesson in mosaics from a seventy five year old master artist in his workshop in Florence. Our journey will bring us to Guatemala where we will learn about back-strap weaving from master weavers and embroidery from master embroidery artisans. We will paint flowers on a canvas in Monet’s Garden in France as we learn from a master French artist and enjoy a French cooking class in addition to quilting and emboidery. We’ll even travel on a cruise where in each stop we will feature a special craft from that country or area of the world. The first season we will visit 13 countries and share up to 52 different crafts!”

Right?? So how could you not be inspired by all that?

How about a chance to win a free trip?

Check out Destination Craft on FB for details and Destination Craft web page.   By the way the show  will be a show airing on PBS some time next year in October so be sure to watch.  Truly this is cool.

Now would you like to be able to get a wonderful e-magazine, FREE.  By the way there is in article about yours truly…….ME!  So check this out!!! Lots of other artist also and more photo’s about trips and things on the horizon from Jim West and Destination Craft.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.06.37 AM

IMG_3098When I told this to Super Pig, well that pig wanted to go and meet this mad genius.  So Super pig set off on an adventure of their own.  Bags packed and friends in tow, this little pig is off for an adventure.

Until next time, have a creative day.




Special Thank you To Jim West

  • Information on Jim’s Travel Tours can be found

Travel West Travel Agency


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