Closet Therapy

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The Blues

As we join our super here we see that that villain has clouded Super Pigs perception of that little pigs very inner being. The words of Super Pigs friends surround our hero to shield against the crushing power of that villain, better known as “depression”. Will our Super Hero win? YES.

A New Year

How do you eat a whole chocolate cake? One bite at a time. Several years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started with just making daily intentions.  At that moment, I started to succeed in my goals.  Every day I set my intentions, if it is in movement (exercise) or art, or just…

The Finding Of Major Tom

Super Pig has landed, and is accompanied with his friends, Ginny the Guinea Pig, and Mango the cat. They are carefully kneeling down, reverent in their observing of the space suit that once held Major Tom.

Setting A Positive Tone

Turn up the music. Take off your shoes and dance. What ever it takes to fluff up your pillows and air out your soul.

Appearance of Texture

texture can be achieved through just layering your watercolors. Stop by and see how I did this last little pig.

Appetite For Inspiration

Check out the newest post, this will include a link to my latest interview with Jim West of PBS Newest Travel Show “Destination Craft”

Happy New Year

From all of us in the studio!! Have a happy New Year !