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Doing Studies

Taking time to push yourself

I think taking time to push yourself is as important as taking time to  recharge.

As you may or may not know I have invested in an easel. This is a two fold project.  One was just the fact that I needed to get one, but the other, and more important aspect of the investment, was to push myself into trying to do some images that I may not be so comfortable in doing.   Now that is a big deal for any artist.  You really put yourself out there.

I  always visit the children’s  section of the book store, for inspiration, to see other fantastic artist, and writers, and what they are doing, what the book market is leaning towards, and what is missing that I may be inspired to fill.

Years ago there was a great little book called “I love you like crazy cakes”.   This little book just jumped off the shelf at me.   I loved the concept and the illustrations caught my eye.  I kept this little book in my head and thought of it often.  I should have purchased it at the time and added it to my collection, but……

Getting It Down On Paper
IMG_3207Babby Hats

In choosing a child, I wanted one that was going to be easy to draw.  Children as a rule don’t have lines or character on their face, so their eyes and lips and cheeks have to convey their emotion or disposition.   As I worked the image up and added layers of wash, I was inspired.  I started remembering the ink washes or Literati painting.  I felt stronger and more sure of my ability.


In Short

If your an artist of any medium, encourage yourself to push yourself.  Try something that you feel your weakest in.  You may be pleasantly surprised or may get inspiration for other projects.

And Then This Happened

One Of my new friends here in the blog world, and another talented artist  Maria Isabel Warren, author of 1961.9 Life in (H2O) Colour.  real-neat-blog-awardWas  kind enough to nominate my blog for this “Real Neat Blog Award” created by petrel41 over at “dearkitty1” blog.

Thank you so much.  As I am new to this, and am getting my feet wet so to speak, over here at “WordPress” I am afraid I have not yet met other bloggers. Yet!  Seems I have been so busy creating art that I may be neglecting other aspects,  So I will have to hold this honor and nominate them in the near future, as I come to know them.   Since 1961.9 Life in (H2O) Colour nominated me… well right back at you!  Go and check our their blog and see some great creations and ideas and tutorials, if any one deserved an award they do.  Thank you again.

As according to the request

There are 7 questions that my nominator posed to me that I am supposed to answer.  So here goes:

  1. What or who inspires you the most?  Well that depends on what day it is and how I feel. One day it could be a song from “Guns and Roses”, by the way the band is getting back tougher,  or I could have just looked at the fantastic illustration work of “William Joyce “.
  2. What is your favorite leisure activity? Sketching and movie watching
  3. List 3 things that make you happy. My family, my artist friends, and travel.
  4. Best memory from 2015. The year I took fear out of the diver’s seat in the studio.
  5. What do you think is the most important thing you have learned this year? (2015) Taking fear out of the driver’s seat.
  6. What quote do you keep in mind to keep you going?  An interview years and years ago with Sir Anthony Hopkins, a reporter looked at him and said “so how does it feel being an overnight success?” He laughed and said “20 years, overnight success”.  It gave me perspective.  It gave me complete clarity.  NOTHING comes as an “overnight success”.   It’s a life time of work and I love that.
  7. What are your goals for 2016? I set more intentions then goals.  My intentions are to practice my art.  Submit often.  Push myself in areas of my art that are different and more challenging.


Thank you for stoping by and have a creative day!




5 thoughts on “Doing Studies

  1. Lovely post! I really do think I need to do studying again. Especially on people — it is absolutely my weakest point.

    Loving this,

    “If your an artist of any medium, encourage yourself to push yourself.  Try something that you feel your weakest in.”

    This alone makes me want to work on the aspects I have difficulty in, especially since I try to avoid them. Also, the nomination was no problem, you have very beautiful works that have to be seen by others too. P.S: Love the quote. I’ll be keeping it in mind ❤

    1. THANK you!! I liked the questions you posed. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of things to write about, and your questions gave me some inspiration.

      1. Its a pleasure! I’m glad you liked them!😄 I’m happy they did.❤

  2. Love your artwork!🔺

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