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Head in the Stars

Second Star To The Right

And straight on till morning.  I love stories from childhood.  In fact I read, and look for them often.  I love to dream of magical things, people, and adventures. My dreams and fertile imagination, is why I enjoyed this patter so much when I was creating it.   I got involved in a contest  for “phases of the moon”, over at Spoonflower.  Usually I don’t enter in that type of contest, but this struck a cord in me.  It started those creative juices flowing. All of a sudden  Sleeping moons, Crying new moons, who’s tears were stars, started evolving in my head. Even looking at this pattern now I get ideas for different components to add to the collection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.04.07 AM
Phases of the Moon Collection by Edith Schmidt Art. Watercolor images of stars and moons. Available at Spoonflower 

Like a little space ship that super pig travels in, to visit with the moons and stars.  Some elements, like stripes to match, and add as contrasting fabric for little sleepers or hats.

I think its import to encourage children and adults  to dream, and dream big.  To have imagination.  After all, some of our most wonderful inventions have derived from that ability to dream.   My studio reflects this.  Moons have faces and stars have smiles. There is joy and excitement, exploration and adventure, tolerance and love.

My latest little hat

This is my favorite, favorite, pattern.  When I was little I had a simple red and white P.J. It was a white back ground with red stars.  That’s it, simple!  But from that simple pattern, coupled with the French movie  Le Voyage dans la Lune,  and presto….. my design.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it will inspire you to go and draw, doodle, watercolor or sew.  What ever your passion is look for those things and people that inspire.

Pattern source

I used the Vogue Craft Pattern #9232.

Thank you and have a creative and inspirational day.



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