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Working With My Art

Designing Patterns

I love patterns!  It was a natural transition for me from designing elements to designing repeated patterns.  But lets face it, I really needed to see how my pattern worked on fabric, and how  my client will see it on a project that they are working on.

Starting My Example

I decided to create some baby cloths.  I used the Vogue Craft Pattern #9232.  In this example, I just created the baby hat from the pattern.  This used 1/4 yard of fabric, and I was able to make two hats.  I used a knit fabric with my pattern on it and a contrasting color. I purchased from my store on Spoonflower. This was their modern jersey fabric.  It has a wonderful feel.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.32.38 PM
Available at Edith Schmidt Art my “Phases of the Moon Collection”  on  Spoonflower. Shown here in “Jersey Fabric”  


Instead of pins I used these little clamps by clover.IMG_3179christmas morning  I LOVE THEM!! They are available on Amazon or at your local sewing and craft store, such as

Joann’s. They held and are far easier then a pin.  I have cats too and I don’t like to have sharp things fall on the floor and get over looked on the floor.

The Clips did not warp the fabric, and as I used my new serger, I could easily remove them and keep right on going.

IMG_3178christmas morning

I used my Janome Serger for this.  It worked great on the knit fabric, and who doesn’t like the ability to cut and sew at the same time.  The fabric was easy sewn and again no warping or stretching, as knit is prone to do. I believe it took me all of about 5 minutes to do.


 Shown here is the inside of the hat sewn with just a contrasting color.

The Finished Product

From conception to finished hat.

IMG_3186christmas morning
The finished infant hat along with the elements that appear in the repeated pattern on the fabric used to make the hat. 


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