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Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through our house…

Well there has already been an event.  You know the one event that everyone says years later, “Remember when…”.  Yep, our beloved cat Mango, my inspiration for Mango the Cat in my Super Pig series, has had a grand mal seizure.  Don’t worry, he appears to be fine and no worse for wear.  Appointments will be made as soon as doctors become available.  He was adopted from the street. I feel I should make this clear, he adopted us.   A little orange cat that seemed to find our house.  He would climb up to our roof, and watch Kelsey, my Super Pig, from their window at night.  He would climb over out fence at night, to lay on my patio, under the catnip until morning.  It was after watching this little animal, (for about a year) that we decided that perhaps we should reach out and take him in, and give him a life he had only watched from a far. It was at a very stressful time for our family, I believe that through rescuing this orange cat, we were really  rescuing ourselves.  From that moment on, there has not been a day he has ever been ungrateful. He has  been a thankful kitty as he has curled up in our laps, or laid on our sofa,  or had his tuna steak.  Yes, he is that spoiled.  He has a grilled tuna steak every holiday. Today just before the seizure, we could have sworn that he even understood the words, “tuna steak”.

So our Christmas already has something to celebrate.  Mango appears to be okay for the moment, and he is a very large part of the “happy” in our family.  He also KNOWS it.  Knows it beyond just being spoiled.

sleeping with friends-Exposure bwMerry Christmas to all!  New friends and old, four legged friends, cats, dogs, pigs, and guinea pigs, and all Gods creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful.

So tonight when you close your eyes, believe that something magical will happen, something unexplainable will take place.  Like the Grinch thought “Maybe Christmas” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

Thank you and Merry Christmas


2 thoughts on “Twas the Night before Christmas

  1. My favorite image, with Mango and Ginny snuggled up together.

    1. Mine too Patti, mine too.

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