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Let’s Have Fun

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

But inside the studio is delightful.

Any time I head to the studio, I try to have fun, to play.  To open that studio door, and expect something exciting to happen,  If by planning, or by happy accident.  How ever it happens, but art,  has never disappointed me. It’s a place that I can go to, and have any experience I want.  Sledding down the hill with Super Pig or just playing with the mediums that I have been collecting.


To work with Mediums or not.

Is it worth the experiment, or the bother to change what already works for your style.  Yes,  yes, it is.  Inspiration starts with curiosity.  That little “what if,” nagging question, can set you on the road to something wonderful.  I think the ability to stay fresh and current is a must.  Even if you don’t use additives to your water color it will help to know what they do, and how they interact with your pigments/watercolors. Lots of times I have needed to repair something and have reached for some type of product to help.  If you have experimented with different types of mediums you know exactly (or approximately) how they will help achieve your completed work.

Today’s Medium “Granulation”

I am using Winsor Newton medium, and the instructions listed on the bottle say,  “For maximum effect dilute color generously with medium alone and always work with painting horizontal.”IMG_3033

As you can see the paint floats and feathers,  The first image is just the paint and the medium, the second image is with a color back ground applied, dried then the medium placed on top then the green pigment.

The last example is the same as the second but with varying colors.


This next image is a small example of trees and their reflection on water. Again I have used the IMG_3035Granulation Medium on the top, for the tree line, and in the water for the reflection.  I did this in stages making sure that after applying the medium, I worked the upper (tree line), separate from the water’s edge.  That way I had more control.

I have made my notes directly on the cold pressed paper, and will place this in my art journal.

A little sub note, If you spray your image with water, it will really dance across the paper, but remember to experiment on the same paper that you will use for your project and make notes.

Until next time, have a creative day and a playful one let your passion flourish.

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