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Adding Iridescent Medium

Once I rekindled my love for watercolor, I started to think, what if….

What if I used a Blending medium, what if I used and iridescent medium, how would this look, and on and on.  So I went to my favorite “artist what if”  store, that is Dick Blick and ordered all of Winsor & Newton’s watercolor mediums.  ( A Link to the supplies used in this post appears at the bottom of this post.) 

1st up Iridescent Medium

IMG_3011place setting15

Pretty self explanatory on the label.  I would use this to high light or give luster to an object/element.  I don’t think I would use it all over an image.  According to the label: “Mix with transparent water color or apply over a dried watercolor. Particularly effective when mixed with transparent color especially over dark backgrounds.”


IMG_3012place setting15

You can see it working well on the black, but it also does do a good job with the other colors.  As you tilt the card back and forth you get a good look at the effect.   It is translucent and requires just a good brush over the area you are wishing to apply it.  By adding it to water the effect will lessen.  A good way to work with this is to play with it a bit.  Mix it with the transparent color directly or apply it to the top of the dried color or place in a water and then brush over your desired element.

Christmas Time

IMG_3016place setting15

It’s that time of year when every thing requires a bit of glitz.  So I worked up just a few simple illustrations to show some examples.  As you can see by this example, the iridIMG_3017place setting15escent medium added just that little bit of shimmer.  I applied it on the holly leaves and berries as well as the pine branches and ornament.  On the ornament I used silver ink for the top metal part, you can see that the metallic ink works like the water color medium.

Sugar Plums IMG_3018place setting15



It works really well on purples and blues especially on indigo.  These Sugar plumbs turned out great as examples.  I will include all of these elements in my art journal.  That way when I look back I will see it, and it will trigger some of the uses and act to inspire new creations.

IMG_3019place setting15As you can see on my card here on the left, I have carefully labeled the colors and what medium I was using and then dated the card.   I will punch some holes in the sides and place it in my art journal.  I keep them under the month that I worked the example in.  Since I design according to season this helps me with ideas and keep it all on task.  It is all up to the individual as to how to keep it all current and accessible.

Keeping a Record of Play

IMG_3020place setting15

Not everything I do turns into a work of art some of what I do just turns into lessons for my self, such as these images I have used in this post.   Art journals are fantastic to work through life issues or to have records of your art play time, some even advertently turn into art.

Hopefully this conversation on Iridescent Medium has inspired you to try some.  If you have any questions just leave a comment.

Materials used in this post



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