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Color Pallets

Mango in the paint watercolor copyI have a friend that prior to painting, she will have defined her color pallet.   I admire her planing, and how she consideres value and placement.  I on the other hand think in my head.  Look at the paper and see the image.  I may have a certain color that speaks to me or inspires me to create a certain setting. That color will be what I base every thing else on.    If I am doing a collection,   or doing the same subject over and over,  then to have  consistency, I work with the same color pallet over and over. Now if you are mixing colors to obtain a certain color or working with color value, well its very important that you keep a list as to what you have used, and how you mixed it. What helps me keep every thing organized,  I will do a card, with cold pressed 140 watercolor paper, keeping it the same paper that I will use for my painting,  and mix my paints and brush them on the card label it and let that be my guide.  That way if I need to add to the illustrations or collections, after they have been completed, then I have a point of reference.  When you are choosing your pallet, its important that you let yourself deviate from it when the need arrises. If something is not working then change it.  If something is working then keep it.  Just don’t set rules and expect that to be the limit.  Art is 40% planning and 60% accident.  Probably more than 60% accident if truth be told.

Fun with new colors

I am currently adding to my studio colors the limited addition Winsor Newton Transparent color pallet or “Desert Set”, and the “Twilight” color pallet.  I have ordered from Dick Blick Art Supply, and used a discount code CDYY that will expire on 12/11/2015.  This gives free shipping on orders of $69 or more, and 20% off of $99. Soooooooo yea, go order that.  You can visit my wish list at Dick Blick Edith Schmidt Art   and see the paints that will be coming in on about the 22nd of this month.  Below are the examples. 4990bdb49361b0ffc9473a37a2f46d07PaulW&N1(1)

As you can see these color pallets will inspire you to think about all kinds of things to paint.  That Quinacridone Violet is just speaking to me on so many different levels.  So on about the 22nd of December I will be showing you what these look like once I get them.  In the mean while I am working on Super Pig.


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