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It’s Time To Go Out

wired hair terrior  copy
It’s time to go out

Usually it is my dog that reminds me  to get up, and move about, and head out for a walk.  I guess you could say they are my handlers.  Always there letting me know that someone is at the door,or  its time to eat, take a break or just pay them some attention.

I guess we all need that kind of urging.  It allows me to reconnect with outside world.  To refresh my imagination.  It never falls just when I think “having to move” is a great waist of time, up pops a new idea.  A fresh way to see an old familiar action.  Such as walking my dog.

This little “Wired Haired Terrier” was created in watercolor using 140b cold pressed paper (Cotman watercolor paper).   I used Winsor and Newton watercolors.  I worked primarily with a brown pallet except for the leash.  That just had to be a bright splash of red.  After completing it I scanned it in at 300 dpi.  I will combine it with other elements for use as a pattern pattern. Perhaps a ball, or fire hydrant, or some other elements that are relevant to walking or playing with man’s best friend.

Oh I once had a dog that loved squeaky toys.  It was a duck, that was his favorite. He loved that thing.  Oh well I digress, but you get the idea.  Relevant elements.


 Below are just two different ideas of patterns. It looks a bit complicated but not really.  Just a seed set straight across with the same design only smaller set behind.
Wired Hair Terrier

Here is an example of a simple pattern set straight across.
Fetch Wire Haire Terrier

Both of these are offered on my Spoonflower account.   I Think  this pattern  would be great purchased in the Eco canvas and then used for a small little dog bed,  or in cotton for quilting, well you get the idea.


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