Doing Studies

Taking time to push yourself I think taking time to push yourself is as important as taking time to  recharge. As you may or may not know I have invested in an easel. This is a two fold project.  One was just the fact that I needed to get one, but the other, and more…

Head in the Stars

Second Star To The Right And straight on till morning.  I love stories from childhood.  In fact I read, and look for them often.  I love to dream of magical things, people, and adventures. My dreams and fertile imagination, is why I enjoyed this patter so much when I was creating it.   I got involved in…

Working With My Art

It was a natural transition for me from designing elements to designing repeated patterns.

After The Dust Settles

Today must be reserved for cleaning the studio and getting my breath and focus back. I think everyone has to take that little bit of time to quite the chatter of everyday life, and do that clean up of your studio / creative space, and or mind.

Christmas Morning

Grinch “How could it be so? It came without ribbons!… it came without tags!… it came without packages, boxes, or bags!”

Twas the Night before Christmas

Like the Grinch thought “Maybe Christmas” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

You Feeling It? Texture Medium

Back again, For another week in the studio, and ready to go.  This week is going to be full.  This past weekend was a bit hectic and here’s why: You know what’s really scary? Finding your laundry room flooded, and having to call for a repairman at Christmas time. You know what is really satisfying? Having…

Working with Lifting Preparation

Lifting Preparation…

Is one of the better mediums that you can invest in. It is wonderful for just going back over your image, with a wet brush, and a paper towel, and lifting off some of the pigment, to create that lighter or illuminated look. I love this because some times I tend to over work, and then need to remove some of the pigment just a little.

Making The Most

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days where your intention is to have mountains moved, roads paved, and fields plowed, and just the opposite happens.

Let’s Have Fun

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful But inside the studio is delightful. Any time I head to the studio, I try to have fun, to play.  To open that studio door, and expect something exciting to happen,  If by planning, or by happy accident.  How ever it happens, but art,  has never disappointed me. It’s a…

What To Draw

Draw what you are passionate about. Let it be contagious to your audience.

Adding Iridescent Medium

Once I rekindled my love for watercolor, I started to think, what if…. What if I used a Blending medium, what if I used and iridescent medium, how would this look, and on and on.  So I went to my favorite “artist what if”  store, that is Dick Blick and ordered all of Winsor &…