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Doing Studies

Taking time to push yourself

I think taking time to push yourself is as important as taking time to  recharge.

As you may or may not know I have invested in an easel. This is a two fold project.  One was just the fact that I needed to get one, but the other, and more important aspect of the investment, was to push myself into trying to do some images that I may not be so comfortable in doing.   Now that is a big deal for any artist.  You really put yourself out there.

I  always visit the children’s  section of the book store, for inspiration, to see other fantastic artist, and writers, and what they are doing, what the book market is leaning towards, and what is missing that I may be inspired to fill.

Years ago there was a great little book called “I love you like crazy cakes”.   This little book just jumped off the shelf at me.   I loved the concept and the illustrations caught my eye.  I kept this little book in my head and thought of it often.  I should have purchased it at the time and added it to my collection, but……

Getting It Down On Paper
IMG_3207Babby Hats

In choosing a child, I wanted one that was going to be easy to draw.  Children as a rule don’t have lines or character on their face, so their eyes and lips and cheeks have to convey their emotion or disposition.   As I worked the image up and added layers of wash, I was inspired.  I started remembering the ink washes or Literati painting.  I felt stronger and more sure of my ability.


In Short

If your an artist of any medium, encourage yourself to push yourself.  Try something that you feel your weakest in.  You may be pleasantly surprised or may get inspiration for other projects.

And Then This Happened

One Of my new friends here in the blog world, and another talented artist  Maria Isabel Warren, author of 1961.9 Life in (H2O) Colour.  real-neat-blog-awardWas  kind enough to nominate my blog for this “Real Neat Blog Award” created by petrel41 over at “dearkitty1” blog.

Thank you so much.  As I am new to this, and am getting my feet wet so to speak, over here at “WordPress” I am afraid I have not yet met other bloggers. Yet!  Seems I have been so busy creating art that I may be neglecting other aspects,  So I will have to hold this honor and nominate them in the near future, as I come to know them.   Since 1961.9 Life in (H2O) Colour nominated me… well right back at you!  Go and check our their blog and see some great creations and ideas and tutorials, if any one deserved an award they do.  Thank you again.

As according to the request

There are 7 questions that my nominator posed to me that I am supposed to answer.  So here goes:

  1. What or who inspires you the most?  Well that depends on what day it is and how I feel. One day it could be a song from “Guns and Roses”, by the way the band is getting back tougher,  or I could have just looked at the fantastic illustration work of “William Joyce “.
  2. What is your favorite leisure activity? Sketching and movie watching
  3. List 3 things that make you happy. My family, my artist friends, and travel.
  4. Best memory from 2015. The year I took fear out of the diver’s seat in the studio.
  5. What do you think is the most important thing you have learned this year? (2015) Taking fear out of the driver’s seat.
  6. What quote do you keep in mind to keep you going?  An interview years and years ago with Sir Anthony Hopkins, a reporter looked at him and said “so how does it feel being an overnight success?” He laughed and said “20 years, overnight success”.  It gave me perspective.  It gave me complete clarity.  NOTHING comes as an “overnight success”.   It’s a life time of work and I love that.
  7. What are your goals for 2016? I set more intentions then goals.  My intentions are to practice my art.  Submit often.  Push myself in areas of my art that are different and more challenging.


Thank you for stoping by and have a creative day!




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Head in the Stars

Second Star To The Right

And straight on till morning.  I love stories from childhood.  In fact I read, and look for them often.  I love to dream of magical things, people, and adventures. My dreams and fertile imagination, is why I enjoyed this patter so much when I was creating it.   I got involved in a contest  for “phases of the moon”, over at Spoonflower.  Usually I don’t enter in that type of contest, but this struck a cord in me.  It started those creative juices flowing. All of a sudden  Sleeping moons, Crying new moons, who’s tears were stars, started evolving in my head. Even looking at this pattern now I get ideas for different components to add to the collection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.04.07 AM
Phases of the Moon Collection by Edith Schmidt Art. Watercolor images of stars and moons. Available at Spoonflower 

Like a little space ship that super pig travels in, to visit with the moons and stars.  Some elements, like stripes to match, and add as contrasting fabric for little sleepers or hats.

I think its import to encourage children and adults  to dream, and dream big.  To have imagination.  After all, some of our most wonderful inventions have derived from that ability to dream.   My studio reflects this.  Moons have faces and stars have smiles. There is joy and excitement, exploration and adventure, tolerance and love.

My latest little hat

This is my favorite, favorite, pattern.  When I was little I had a simple red and white P.J. It was a white back ground with red stars.  That’s it, simple!  But from that simple pattern, coupled with the French movie  Le Voyage dans la Lune,  and presto….. my design.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it will inspire you to go and draw, doodle, watercolor or sew.  What ever your passion is look for those things and people that inspire.

Pattern source

I used the Vogue Craft Pattern #9232.

Thank you and have a creative and inspirational day.



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Working With My Art

Designing Patterns

I love patterns!  It was a natural transition for me from designing elements to designing repeated patterns.  But lets face it, I really needed to see how my pattern worked on fabric, and how  my client will see it on a project that they are working on.

Starting My Example

I decided to create some baby cloths.  I used the Vogue Craft Pattern #9232.  In this example, I just created the baby hat from the pattern.  This used 1/4 yard of fabric, and I was able to make two hats.  I used a knit fabric with my pattern on it and a contrasting color. I purchased from my store on Spoonflower. This was their modern jersey fabric.  It has a wonderful feel.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.32.38 PM
Available at Edith Schmidt Art my “Phases of the Moon Collection”  on  Spoonflower. Shown here in “Jersey Fabric”  


Instead of pins I used these little clamps by clover.IMG_3179christmas morning  I LOVE THEM!! They are available on Amazon or at your local sewing and craft store, such as

Joann’s. They held and are far easier then a pin.  I have cats too and I don’t like to have sharp things fall on the floor and get over looked on the floor.

The Clips did not warp the fabric, and as I used my new serger, I could easily remove them and keep right on going.

IMG_3178christmas morning

I used my Janome Serger for this.  It worked great on the knit fabric, and who doesn’t like the ability to cut and sew at the same time.  The fabric was easy sewn and again no warping or stretching, as knit is prone to do. I believe it took me all of about 5 minutes to do.


 Shown here is the inside of the hat sewn with just a contrasting color.

The Finished Product

From conception to finished hat.

IMG_3186christmas morning
The finished infant hat along with the elements that appear in the repeated pattern on the fabric used to make the hat. 


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After The Dust Settles

Christmas is over, and as nice as it was to anticipate the holiday, it is nice to see the backside of it. It can leave your creativity drained as well as other aspects of your life.

Gathering Yourself Up

I really have not prepared any post for today.  My medium series will have to be posted tomorrow.  Today must be reserved for cleaning the studio and getting my breath and focus back.  I think everyone has to take that little bit of time to quite the chatter of everyday life, and do that clean up of  your studio / creative space, and or mind.

So I shall see you tomorrow. Until then,

have a creative day.


Humpty Dumpty  1

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Christmas Morning

Does there really need to be any words with this image?  I mean wow!  Friends together, joy, excitement!! Let’s not forget pancakes!! Put the kettle on the hob Super Pig, and we all have tea!!  Merry Christmas to all.  A few important reminders, don’t forget to watch a Christmas Story, Home Alone (only the first two) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, last but not least, Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  When you do watch them, really watch them and feel what they are saying.  Until tomorrow Good Cheer to all and Merry Christmas!

Grinch “How could it be so? It came without ribbons!… it came without tags!… it came without packages, boxes, or bags!”


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Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through our house…

Well there has already been an event.  You know the one event that everyone says years later, “Remember when…”.  Yep, our beloved cat Mango, my inspiration for Mango the Cat in my Super Pig series, has had a grand mal seizure.  Don’t worry, he appears to be fine and no worse for wear.  Appointments will be made as soon as doctors become available.  He was adopted from the street. I feel I should make this clear, he adopted us.   A little orange cat that seemed to find our house.  He would climb up to our roof, and watch Kelsey, my Super Pig, from their window at night.  He would climb over out fence at night, to lay on my patio, under the catnip until morning.  It was after watching this little animal, (for about a year) that we decided that perhaps we should reach out and take him in, and give him a life he had only watched from a far. It was at a very stressful time for our family, I believe that through rescuing this orange cat, we were really  rescuing ourselves.  From that moment on, there has not been a day he has ever been ungrateful. He has  been a thankful kitty as he has curled up in our laps, or laid on our sofa,  or had his tuna steak.  Yes, he is that spoiled.  He has a grilled tuna steak every holiday. Today just before the seizure, we could have sworn that he even understood the words, “tuna steak”.

So our Christmas already has something to celebrate.  Mango appears to be okay for the moment, and he is a very large part of the “happy” in our family.  He also KNOWS it.  Knows it beyond just being spoiled.

sleeping with friends-Exposure bwMerry Christmas to all!  New friends and old, four legged friends, cats, dogs, pigs, and guinea pigs, and all Gods creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful.

So tonight when you close your eyes, believe that something magical will happen, something unexplainable will take place.  Like the Grinch thought “Maybe Christmas” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

Thank you and Merry Christmas


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You Feeling It? Texture Medium

Back again,

For another week in the studio, and ready to go.  This week is going to be full.  This past weekend was a bit hectic and here’s why:

You know what’s really scary?

Finding your laundry room flooded, and having to call for a repairman at Christmas time.

You know what is really satisfying? Having spent the extra money for extended warranty, and the repair man comes on Tuesday.

And last but not least….the whites have been done so everyone has clean underwear.

It’s the little things!


Todays medium is “Texture”.  Winsor & Newton Water Colour Texture Medium to be exact.  This adds a fine grit or sand like feel to your art.  It goes on alone, or as a base, it can even be mixed into your paint, however you prefer to do it.  It does have a textured feel, and you can removed by rubbing your finger across it or with water, so if you get it on an area that you did not intend it will rub off.

IMG_3126place setting15
Working with texture, wash over Texture Medium

I used it  as a base, applying it first on my paper. I had to be carful when I applied my wash, as it  started to migrate.  So, my advise to you is to beware, it will move about,  and play with it as much or as LITTLE as you need  to achieve the required results.

You can see in this image that the pigment will collect around the sandy texture, and give a wonderful appearance of a rough surface.  So its not just up to the “feel” but it is also viewable.

The Second Layer or Wash

Being careful in not moving the texture medium too much, I applied another layer and worked with making the grain of the wood.  I created a few knots etc, to add more character.  IMG_3129place setting15You can always apply more texture to your image and work it up how ever you like. Add this to your art journal and keep a record of your experiments so that you can see how the medium interacts with your paint.  This is important because memory will not supply you with all that you need.  Keep consistency in the image and work with the same paper that you will be using for the finial image.

Summing It All Up

Texture is not just in feel, it is in how something looks.  The visual will cause the brain to fill in the gaps.  I look forward to using this medium in my images, and  give this a 2 thumbs up.  I didn’t think that I would like it or find it useful, but I have changed my mind.  I see a LOT  of potential for this in my studio.


IMG_3130place setting15
Brushes and Pens used in this post

#6 Grumbacher brush 

#20/0 Roval & Langnickel MSGE850-20/0 

Calligraphy nib (what ever size to create your desired effect)

Canson Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper 140 lb.

Winsor & Newton Texture Medium

Liquitex Ink Transparent Raw Umber

Winsor & Newton Watercolour

Procurement Source

Dick Blick  

Michaels Craft Store


Shout Out

Recently, I had stumbled across a fellow blogger, and low and behold they also are doing a moon phase so you may want to check out 1961.9 Life in (H2O) Colour, who is thinking about doing some tutorials on moons, and who has already posted some examples. Evidently we are swimming in the same inspiration pool.


Until next time have a creative week, day or moment, just have one.

Edith Schmidt Art!


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Working with Lifting Preparation

This morning, prior to heading out for a few odds and ends at my local store, I thought that I would head up to the studio and play around with some simple sketching.  This turned into something that was akin to playing with every watercolor, and  this intern developed into a mess.  But a learning mess.

Lifting Preparation…

Is one of the better mediums that you can invest in.  It is wonderful for just going back over your image,  with a wet brush, and a paper towel, and lifting off some of the pigment, to create that lighter or illuminated look.  I love this because some times I tend to over work, and then need to remove some of the pigment just a little.

Example on Reflective or Glass Subjects

Here is an example that I created.  I will add this to my art journal, you can see I have already started to make my notes.

IMG_3117place setting15
Working with Lifting Preparation Shown here is an example of ” Lifting Preparation by Winsor and Newton.

I over worked this image purposefully to see if the color could be lifted from the paper and how cleanly it would come off. I applied the lifting Prep. and then allowed it to dry as per the instructions on the  bottle.  I only applied it to the area that I had previously sketched out for the glass. I then worked the glass and back ground, lifting off the pigment from the glass as I went.  I used a spray bottle, filled with water, to soften the paint and then used a tissue to remove the pigment in the area that I wanted the reflection.

Working on Natural Subjects

I worked up this rose later in the day just to see if it could be used in a more natural looking way. The worked well to remove color .  I can see some very good possibilities using this, and it will become a staple in my studio.  It does create a skin betweIMG_3118place setting15en the brush and the paper. This may or may not be noticeable with every artist.   Some pluses with this medium was I did not get the paper deterioration that you can get with rubbing and scraping the paper to remove the pigment.

Well that all folks.  Thank you again for joining me here in the studio.  I will see you on Monday.  Tomorrow I will be heading to the movies to see the James Bond movie.  Until then have a creative weekend.

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Making The Most

Of what seems like an unproductive day.

Have you ever had one of those days?  One of those days where your intention is to have mountains moved, roads paved, and fields plowed, and just the opposite happens.  That was my day today.  I woke up with a massive migraine, so I was late  getting up, and into my studio.  Once I did manage to get inside the door, I could not get my thoughts together to formulate an image.  Yesterday I was on fire, and today…… nothing….. When days like that happen its best to just embrace it, and do what ever you can in the studio.  If its not painting then it might be straightening up, it may be preparing some paper for the next day, or just doodling to loosen up and start that creative flow.  What ever you do, don’t fight it.  That will only compound the situation and frustrate you.

I decided to post some of my images on my Society6 store.  I am glad I did. I am glad that today turned out different.  It gave me an opportunity to see my images on products and come up with more ideas to incorporate more images in with them.

If you come up with one of these days that somehow things don’t go according to plan, perhaps they really are  according to what you may need that day.

Grab A Cuppa And Regroup

Some times that is exactly what you need, a cup of tea.   Just push back from that

Mango in a tea cup .jpeg
Water color by Edith Schmidt Art

desk or easel, and get a new view.  I have often said that my studio is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE, and that includes me.  Don’t beat yourself up, just set some alternate goals.  I keep a stack of goals ( things that I can do on these days) So when I get in a funk , I switch gears.  I am still productive and I don’t beat myself up for not getting that blog post done, or for not painting another illustration.



So Here Is What I Did Do

Head on over to Society6 and visit my store if you want to follow and see what is going on.   But just incase you don’t want to press those links here are some cool things.  You can click on those images if you like.  Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.58.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.59.19 PM.png

For more listing visit Society6 Edith Schmidt Art 

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Let’s Have Fun

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

But inside the studio is delightful.

Any time I head to the studio, I try to have fun, to play.  To open that studio door, and expect something exciting to happen,  If by planning, or by happy accident.  How ever it happens, but art,  has never disappointed me. It’s a place that I can go to, and have any experience I want.  Sledding down the hill with Super Pig or just playing with the mediums that I have been collecting.


To work with Mediums or not.

Is it worth the experiment, or the bother to change what already works for your style.  Yes,  yes, it is.  Inspiration starts with curiosity.  That little “what if,” nagging question, can set you on the road to something wonderful.  I think the ability to stay fresh and current is a must.  Even if you don’t use additives to your water color it will help to know what they do, and how they interact with your pigments/watercolors. Lots of times I have needed to repair something and have reached for some type of product to help.  If you have experimented with different types of mediums you know exactly (or approximately) how they will help achieve your completed work.

Today’s Medium “Granulation”

I am using Winsor Newton medium, and the instructions listed on the bottle say,  “For maximum effect dilute color generously with medium alone and always work with painting horizontal.”IMG_3033

As you can see the paint floats and feathers,  The first image is just the paint and the medium, the second image is with a color back ground applied, dried then the medium placed on top then the green pigment.

The last example is the same as the second but with varying colors.


This next image is a small example of trees and their reflection on water. Again I have used the IMG_3035Granulation Medium on the top, for the tree line, and in the water for the reflection.  I did this in stages making sure that after applying the medium, I worked the upper (tree line), separate from the water’s edge.  That way I had more control.

I have made my notes directly on the cold pressed paper, and will place this in my art journal.

A little sub note, If you spray your image with water, it will really dance across the paper, but remember to experiment on the same paper that you will use for your project and make notes.

Until next time, have a creative day and a playful one let your passion flourish.